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Would You Spend $180 dollars for a Plate?(5 posts)

Would You Spend $180 dollars for a Plate?Akirasho
Nov 23, 2003 3:41 PM
... in general, Oakley glasses are a bit overrated... but I do like 'em (and their shoes)...

They ship within a couple of days, so you'll have plenty of time to snag a few of these stocking stuffers...

Be the bike.
A bit too industrial for my tasteTig
Nov 23, 2003 6:07 PM
Besides, I'd most likely laugh at myself if I looked in the mirror! I guess I can't take myself too seriously without at least a giggle. I'm more into Rudy Projects... Ekynox SX for road, Graal for MTB (clear or red lenses in the forest).
I've been waiting.....divve
Nov 23, 2003 11:58 PM
....three years now for Pro-M frame High Intensity Blue lenses. Pro athletes have had them for at least that long. Why can I still not buy them?
Pretty steep for shades. On the other hand,djg
Nov 24, 2003 6:47 AM
they're pretty ugly.

To each his or her own.
re: Would You Spend $180 dollars for a Plate?giro_man
Nov 24, 2003 7:05 AM
I spent more money on Oakley's X-Metal-XX which I use as regular eyewear. Rather than Oakley lenses, I use prescription polycarbonate Transition lenses. (It saves money if you can combine cycling and regular eyewear in one piece.)

To combat slippage from perspiration, I think it is important for the frame to have the rubber-like material on the arms and nosepiece of the frame. The material really keeps the frame from slipping. What appears to keep the Plate from slipping is the pressure from the arms.