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Complete my first 50-mile ride ..(12 posts)

Complete my first 50-mile ride ..globalhelipimp
Nov 23, 2003 2:28 PM
Well, I did it. Jus wanted to let the people who helped me
out (Mike Tea, Dave Hickey, hudsonite, soulsurfer104, KG
361). I took your advice and everything went as good as it
possibly could've (minus the 15mph headwind, going
uphill ..). Finished the ride in about 3hrs, and was
pretty beat! Prior to today, I only had 700 miles under my
belt ..

I'll post a detailed ride-report tomorrow or the day after.

re: Congratshudsonite
Nov 23, 2003 2:34 PM
Pretty good time. Enjoy the moment and starting planning for the next milestone. Maybe a 100miles?
Way to go....Dave Hickey
Nov 23, 2003 2:45 PM
Congrats. 3 hours is very good for your first 50. Next a 100k?
WooHoooo! And you're still alive!Mike Tea
Nov 23, 2003 2:59 PM
Great stuff global! I knew ya could do it. And that's a decent time too. That surely earned you some serious couch-time tonight and a treat.
Nov 23, 2003 3:01 PM
Sounds good... that's an awesome time for your first 50 miler!!!!!

Way to go.
HUA! (nm)owmynads
Nov 23, 2003 4:05 PM
re: Complete my first 50-mile ride ..03Vortex
Nov 23, 2003 4:15 PM
Congrats!!! You must feel great about it and its a great morale builder. It only up from here
re: Complete my first 50-mile ride ..lyleseven
Nov 23, 2003 5:15 PM
Please post your official time once it is certified by Arthur Anderson Accounting.,,, (Good job!)
Great jobvindicator
Nov 23, 2003 6:27 PM
It was about a year ago today I did the same, in about 3 hours, and posted about it here as well.

Congratulations, enjoy, and start working toward that late Spring century!

Limits are.....Len J
Nov 23, 2003 7:06 PM
made to be exceeded,

made to test you,

made by others,

made in our mind.

Great job!

What's the next goal?

I'm happy for you. Congratulations! ntTom C
Nov 24, 2003 7:57 AM
Congrats!KG 361
Nov 24, 2003 1:26 PM
Sounds like ya done good. 50 miles in 3hrs is pretty fast. Guess you're ready now fora metric century, then a REAL century, etc,etc, etc. Good job. Glad you had fun.