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What I learned as Bike Patrol for El Tour De Tucson.(1 post)

What I learned as Bike Patrol for El Tour De Tucson.Mr Nick
Nov 22, 2003 9:42 PM
So I just got back from Tucson were I paid my dues as bike patrol for the 35 mile race. My group and I started from downtown Tucson and road to the 35 mile start in Oro Valley. We road the route that the other races were riding. Did thirty miles of the hilliest portion so we got a nice little workout before the race. The 35 mile race started at 12:30 and was overcast with 30 to 40 mile an hour wind gusts. There were 850 people in the short race which made the start a very chaotic event. Especially considering that there were numerous children on BMX bikes that were practically taking out road bikes left and right. It was kind of a scary event for the first few miles. Then things opened up and bike patrol got to get to work. With all the people I helped today I gained some knowledge about certain cyclists who do the tour:

1. They do not ever, ever clean there bikes.

2. They have no idea how to change a tire.

3. They don't carry new tubes except for those who brought one, but didn't bring anything to inflate it.

4. They don't carry a pump or CO2

5. They bring their children and then leave them to fend for themselves. Nothing sadder than a 12 year girl on a ten speed riding into 30 mile an hour head wind on a very cold day with shorts and a t-shirt on and no parents anywhere.

6. Certain fathers are so worried about their times they scream at their little boys even though the broken bike he is riding is probably broken because of the dad. Then the dad fixes the front brake by opening it up and just tells his son that he has to ride the full 35 with no front brakes. Good Dad.

7. And finally on a positive note there are thousands of extremely friendly people who ride really hard and do an excellent job. Even more amazing are all of the riders who did the race with a hand bike. These guys were amazing. I can't even begin to amagine how hard that would be.

That is my pseudo ride report, sorry there aren't any pictures (too cold).