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A little help.(14 posts)

A little help.rogue_CT1
Nov 22, 2003 12:49 PM
I would assume that you guys are just as tired as I am of all the BS scams on ebay. I have made it a habit to contact the high bidders and notify them of the scam. I also ussually send a message to the seller and tell them that their auction is a scam and to find a real job.

I did this last night on a Colnago C-40. The high bidder was not aware of the scams and was very pleased that I saved his rear. Today I received a message from the seller that he was "going to send someone to my house to F me up". Now, being that I am former military SF and I am currently in law enforcement and on SWAT, I really am not too worried about the threat. If by some chance it really did come true I can easily deal with it!

My problem is that I hate to see people, especially cyclists looking for a deal getting scammed. I was hoping that some of you might join me in running the bids up and notifing other bidders.

Here's the auction:
I hate this crap too!High Gear
Nov 22, 2003 2:05 PM
E-bay makes it so hard to contact them. I recieved this e-mail from e-bay the other day. Maybe this guy is the one to contact to report scams. I did e-mail him and asked for a direct place to report scams in the cycling auctions but he hasen't gotten back to me yet. This is the letter I recieved.

Dear eBay Cycling Sellers:
My name is Scott Whipps and I manage the Cycling category at eBay. With this in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to pass along some useful information to our top sellers related to the category and some details on eBay's Holiday Marketing Campaign. I hope you find this information helpful in terms of maximizing your holiday sales. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please send a note to


I hate this crap too!spockie
Nov 22, 2003 2:37 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Cycling community:

I urge you to be careful when ordering anything from online auction sources. There are a number of things to look for.
1. Is the person selling the item from outside the U.S.?
2. Question the method of payment (i.e. if they will accept Western Union or certified check only),
3. If the deal on the item "appears to be to good to be true."
4. If the item has no reserve (in other words, why would anyone sell a 5,000 Trek, Litespeed, Fondriest, Colnago etc for a fraction of its value.)
5. If there are no pictures of the item and the seller has obviously copied information from the manufacturer's web site.
The holidays are nearing, so please do not be taken. If in doubt go to your local bike shop (LBS). I am certain they would be more than happy to help you make the cyclist in your family (getting the hint honey)a very happy person.

Petra B. Roberts
New Mexico Deputy Attorney General's Office
I hate this crap too!lc21998
Nov 23, 2003 7:35 PM
Now this is intruiging: A message about combatting fraud that smells fishy itself.

1) There ain't no office called "New Mexico Deputy Attorney General's Office." There is one called "Office of the Attorney General" and presumably the lawyers working for the AG are called Deputy AG's, but the combination posted here by Petra just doesn't exist.

2) Petra Roberts is a character on "Prisoner," an obscure English cult show about a prison.

That said, I'll bet there really is a Petra B. Roberts in the New Mexico AG's office. (I can't figure out why someone would make this up.) But if he/she were asking me to send him/her a cashier's check, I wouldn't do it.
This explains why:gala7516
Nov 22, 2003 2:18 PM
So many scammers are 'protecting' the identity of their bidders so they cannot be contacted to interuppted during the auction.
You Are Absolutely RightIndurain 03
Nov 22, 2003 2:47 PM
The pictures of the C-40 were simply cut and pasted from the website of my LBS. I can't believe it. I remember the bike well. Good job alerting the high bidder of this slim-ball buyer. Here is the link to the pictures I am referring to:

I do my part from time to time...biknben
Nov 22, 2003 2:51 PM
Take a look at the bid history for that item. I am user "Auction_is-a-scam". I use that ID from time to time. Do you think people will get the hint? :-)
could anyone give me a hint why this auction is a scam?FORT-Cyclist
Nov 22, 2003 3:54 PM
an other poster below recognized the pictures token from his lbs site but how did you find out?
could anyone give me a hint why this auction is a scam?Dave Hickey
Nov 22, 2003 4:06 PM
1. Seller is in Spain and has no history/feedback. Also of the hoax/scams say they're from Spain( they're really probably in Africa)

2. Will accept money orders bank drafts

3. He list geometry for many frames instead of just his frame

4. He's selling a $5000+ bike with no reserve.

If it sounds too good to be true....................
re: A little help.hudsonite
Nov 22, 2003 4:53 PM
You are doing a great public service. I applaud your energy and determination to stop this stuff. It is hard to keep e-bay safe. So much fraud is going on.

I tried earlier in the year to notify e-bay of a bunch of auctions that were obvious frauds. One bike with 5 different sizes, images taken from other sites; the standard stuff. They basically told me e-bay was safe and the auctions were good. Now I only bid on stuff I can pick up and pay for on pickup.

I don't think you have to much to worry about with respect to being 'f**** up'. The way the auction is written makes it clear that the poster is not likely to be in the US let alone North America. Any how would they find your address to begin with?
I just received this email from the sellerBCtriguy1
Nov 22, 2003 6:18 PM
I e-mailed him asking questions like "why is there no reserve?", "why are you registered out of the US but you're selling from Spain?" etc... this is what I got back:

"Hey I am dealer store. That auction was my auction. I have close that auction
because someone wanted to buy one bike like this.
I have allready sell two till now.
Thanks! bye.

No threat to get f@#%ed up at home, but he still avoided all my questions.
re: A little help.rogue_CT1
Nov 22, 2003 8:07 PM
Like I said, I really wasn't too worried about this guy bothering me. I figure if he was such a powerful force of the criminal underworld he wouldn't be running bogus auctions on ebay for basically peanuts. I just hate to see some hard working cyclist lose their money to some lazy POS hiding behind a computer.

I really appreciate the support and I encourage everyone to help run these fools out of ebay.

I think it's funny that he got the pictures from Maplewood bike shop since that is one of the LBS in my area. On a side note- I'm really sorry I missed the ride in St.Louis last week but I had another death in the family that I had to deal with. That makes two in exactly a month.
here is what I got from the moron...jaybird
Nov 23, 2003 5:34 AM
"The reserve price for this bike is 2750 with all his taxes included like insurance (290), shipping and handling.
Please make an offer and I will be glad to close a deal with you!
Thank you and G day!"
"Have a G day" what is the kid a Gangstar?russw19
Nov 23, 2003 12:24 PM
G's up Hoes down!