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In need of new tires- reccomendations?(21 posts)

In need of new tires- reccomendations?globalhelipimp
Nov 22, 2003 11:38 AM
The bontrager tires that came with my Zurich are tearing apart, and I figure it's time for some new ones. I only have about 650 miles on them, and rode mainly on suburban and country streets. The actual tire is starting to get "cracks" in the rubber- no good, I assume?

Anyway, so I need to order some new tires. I ride mainly on suburban and country roads, and the tires will be used in the spring/summer/fall months. If it's of any relevance, I'm 5'8", 140lbs, and ride a Zurich ..

I've heard the Conti GP 3000's are good? Others? Where can tires be found cheaply online (excluding ebay)?


One more thing ..globalhelipimp
Nov 22, 2003 11:56 AM
The bontrager's had a low (very-low?) rolling-resistance, and if possible, it'd be nice for my new tires to have that, but be as durable as possible at the same time. Give and take, I guess?
Anddddddddddd another thing ..globalhelipimp
Nov 22, 2003 12:00 PM
Color schemes? I've been looking at the ContiGP 3000 and the red tread/black sidewall might look nice on a 2003 Lemond Zurich (red/black paint scheme). Anyone know where you can view their other color schemes ..?
Conti GP3000Lone Gunman
Nov 22, 2003 6:30 PM
look at Have bought Conti from them $33 each shipped. Currently riding Vittoria Techno Pro, just as nice and supple as any tire I have ridden. Considering trying a set of Gommatalia Calypso's, sold through either Excel or Colorado Cyclist.
Hmmm, just checked the site...Lone Gunman
Nov 22, 2003 6:40 PM
Seems that they had alot of tires @ $33, was a while ago that I bought them so prices have increased. Had a good selection of tires around $33 each, not shipped. Still not a bad deal when they restock.
re: In need of new tires- reccomendations?PEDDLFOOT
Nov 22, 2003 11:59 AM
I've been riding on Conti GP 4 season tires for this season and have no complaints.They have great feel and traction.They hold in corners and are very puncture resistant.I have over 3000 miles on them and only one flat.Thet still have alot of life in them.I'm 130 lbs. so I usually do'nt wear out tires fast.I don't think you would have any troubles with these.
You too? I think the Conti GP 4-Seasons are the best I've riddenTig
Nov 22, 2003 5:10 PM
...for an all-round training, all weather tire. I've ridden all kinds of tires from many manufacturers over more years than I'll admit, and these have everything I like. Traction is excellent in both dry and wet conditions with the 23c's. I have 3000+ miles on them so far and have had NO flats. Wear is minimal so far. Rolling resistance, comfort, light weight, and cornering are almost as good as their 3000's, but these last so much longer. The side walls are much stronger than the old gum wall Conti's that had threads hanging off. I still switch to 3000's for racing unless wet conditions are present.

I use 25c Conti Ultra Gatorskins for the fixed gear since I have to roll over everything (due to not being able to bunny hop). They don't ride as nice normally, but using the bigger 25c combined with triple-cross spokes on a 531 steel lugged frame and you get Roll Royce comfort. Flat protection is nice. These feel MUCH better than the solid steel wheel feel of Specialized Armadillos.
re: In need of new tires- reccomendations?WrigleyRoadie
Nov 22, 2003 12:17 PM
If you're not racing, I have no trouble recommending the Michelin Axia Carbons - under 30$ at You should get 3,000 miles on them without trouble.

If you want a slighty lighter model - I use the Pro Race extensively and love them. They look pretty beat up after 1500 but perform well until at least 2K. Also from the same web site, which should be easy to find since it pops up every time I come on these pages!
re: In need of new tires- reccomendations?WrigleyRoadie
Nov 22, 2003 12:18 PM
OH, and they both have a red/black color scheme, you pansy ;-)
I'm in the same boat.Mike Tea
Nov 22, 2003 12:57 PM
I've been researching tires for my new bike. I'd suggest you read "Reviews" here at RBR - after all that's why the Consumer Review sites were invented.

There seems to be a real pattern of sidewall problems with Continental tires and I've even noticed this with the many Conti mtb tires I've had too.

I've used Michelin Hi-Lite Supercomp HD for years and have never experienced a sidewall problem. I just wear them out until the casing threads show though the tread. Sadly my stash is now depleted.

I'm about to order some Michelin Pro Race in the 25mm width - at least those come in a respectable color (black/grey). will supply them for $42 each, shipped.
The "myth" of Conti sidewall problemsKerry Irons
Nov 23, 2003 5:47 PM
I've been running Conti GP and GP 3000 for 6 seasons and a total of around 70K miles between my wife and I. We've not had a single sidewall failure. Some facts:
- Conti sidewalls ARE thinner than Michelin, Vittoria, or Vred
- Conti sidewalls will throw threads, but this does not affect durability
- Other tires' sidewalls are covered with "tread rubber" rather than gum rubber
- If you are in a situation of freqent impact/cutting force to the sidewall, Conti are going to be more delicate

All this said, it doesn't mean there is a real problem. Few people have actually had a sidewall failure, though many talk about it, and many are scared by the loose threads that can come off an old Conti tire.
I've had a few stray threads come off Vred's too...AJS
Nov 23, 2003 7:33 PM
...but it doesn't seem to bother them. I haven't had that happen with Vitt's.

However, "gum" rubber or "tread" rubber, either way the Vred's ride and handle much better than the Conti's., IMHO.

Wear-wise, I'm not that worried about it. I'm more concerned about traction, handling ability, and ride quality - in that order. If I have to replace a tire due to tread wear or dry rot a couple of months sooner, I don't mind. ;)
Nov 22, 2003 1:47 PM
I buy whatever is on sale, last batch was 10 bucks at Bike Nashbar. They seem to have the best blowout sale prices and you have to add shipping and now tax (Performance stores are in my state) but anything under $20 I would consider. They are going to wear out in 2 months anyway.

I'm 5'8" packin' 188 lbs on a good day and ride subarban, urban, fire roads, singletrack and country roads, so I beat up tires pretty good. Continental Ultra 2000 also do the job, wire bead is around 20 bucks online or at the local LBS, I buy the 28c, they are a little harder to find, but I think they ride better.

Anyway, its a long time til spring, so good luck shopping.
Michelen Axial Carbon complyleseven
Nov 22, 2003 2:04 PM
Get em from Danny at!!! Cheapest. Another good tire is the Vittoria All weather Clincher. Handles great but a bit pricey.
Don't buy tires at "blow-out pricing" ! -nmfiltersweep
Nov 22, 2003 2:29 PM
Why not?char
Nov 23, 2003 3:14 PM
The tires are OK, I just don't buy the tubes at "blow-out pricing!!"
Vredestein Fortezza Road/Fortezza TriCompAJS
Nov 22, 2003 3:11 PM
You can get the Fortezza Road for $29.95 at, and the TriComp for $5.00 more. The only difference between them is the TriComp has a harder rubber stripe down the middle and softer rubber on the sides for cornering, where the Road has a single rubber compound.

Both are excellent riding and handling tires and are the next best thing to a sew-up you're going to find in a clincher. The Road model can be had in 25c width as well as 23c, where the TriComp is only made in 23c.

Another fave of mine is any of Vittoria's Open Corsa series (clincher), and the Corsa tubulars ride so nice and grip well. You can't go wrong with them.
Good Prices & Fast Delivery from biketiresdirect.comGeoCyclist
Nov 22, 2003 5:07 PM
Bike Tires Direct is advertised on RBR. I bought two (2) of the Coni GP 3000 tires last month for $73.85 including shipping. Also, the different tire colour designs are available on their web site.

Fall tire sale is currently in progress!

Check it out!
I wonder why............Mike Tea
Nov 22, 2003 5:32 PM
.....they didn't even answer my e-mail from two weeks ago about shipping?
This is the first time Ive gotten a full 3000 miles...koala
Nov 22, 2003 5:32 PM
from a road tire. I live near where you go to school and the roads can kill tires. Forget contis, I flat them all the time. Michelin Axial Carbons for every day use. Racing calls for lighter tires, but as rec riders these cant be beat. They roll fine, last forever and this year I only had one flat despite all the cuts the glass strewn roads can throw at them. Since you live near me you can have both pair of my contis if you want them for dirt. Ill never use them again.
re: In need of new tires- reccomendations?tarwheel
Nov 24, 2003 5:43 AM
If you're looking for black & red tires, try the Michelin Hi-Lite Prestige sold by usually in the $20-25 range. They handle similar to Axial Pros and wear better. I've had excellent wear and performance from all the Michelin tires. Currently I'm running Hi-Lites on one bike and Michi Axial Carbons on another. Axial Carbons are supposed to be Michi's best wearing performance/training tire. You can get excellent everyday prices on Michelin and other brands at CritUsa. Send an email to for prices.

I've also had good luck with Panaracer Stradius tires, which REI sells for about $25 each. They don't wear quite as long as Michelins, but otherwise are great tires. Lots of folks swear by Conti GP 3000s. They come in lots of color combinations. I had one pair and the rear tire squared off pretty quickly, threads started coming off the sidewalls, and the rubber started peeling off the sidewalls -- not exactly confidence builders.

Think twice about going down the colored sidewall route. Colored tires look cool at first, but you may get "tired" of them after a while and nothing really looks better than basic black. The big problem with colored tires is the rear tire wears out long before the front and you're stuck with buying the same color or will end up with a mismatched set. The colors also tend to get dirty and smudged after a while, particularly yellow ones. I do like colored tires on some frames, though, like titanium, which is so boring that the tires actually improve the look.