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my list is growing! what RBR posters have you ridden with?(33 posts)

my list is growing! what RBR posters have you ridden with?JS Haiku Shop
Nov 21, 2003 9:10 AM
My list...

Not Local Folks:

Mike Prince (when he was visiting)
Mike P
Bianchi Boy/Tarwheel
Dale Brigham
Dave Hickey
Spoke Wrench
Who am I missing? Sincerest apologies.

Local Folks:

Wonderdog (no longer local)
Cyclochip ('cross board)
Heavy D ('cross board)
Memphis CC
The one.The only. MR GRUMPY!!!!!! (nm)PEDDLEFOOT
Nov 21, 2003 9:24 AM
RW Badley and I set fashion standards in Washoe CountyCory
Nov 21, 2003 9:30 AM
We've never ridden together deliberately, but we cross paths occasionally. Does that count? What if we're both wearing seersucker and white socks?
Just you, Brother J. Hope to expand list next year. (nm)Dale Brigham
Nov 21, 2003 9:33 AM
I rode with Dinosaurgtx
Nov 21, 2003 9:38 AM
We hit about 75 or so in his 1966 Plymouth Satellite, shortly before he sold it to me. ;)
Some of the people..Dave Hickey
Nov 21, 2003 9:42 AM
I know there's some more but:

T-Doc(MXL02 in another life)
JS Haiku Shop
TEOTEOTEO- met, haven't ridden with

I need from the people I left out....

This list will get bigger because we're having a RBR Dallas ride next Friday
Let's see...KG 361
Nov 21, 2003 9:44 AM
biknben (and his friend Brian who lurks here occassionally)
roadhazzard buzz
Miss M (she has to count!)
Peter (a lurker)
Crossed paths with J
PArider (local)
Lurking right now in fact... (nm)bikenj
Nov 22, 2003 3:02 PM
JimboSS was my college math teacher.russw19
Nov 21, 2003 9:57 AM
Hah! Rode with WrigleyRoadie this morning!Chicago_Steve
Nov 21, 2003 11:07 AM
But he's about the only guy I've ridden with from RBR. Now over at MTBr I've ridden with probably a dozen regulars; but, I've hung around there a lot longer then here...

Chicago_Steve on RBR = Steve-O on MTBr
Where are you in Chicago?rollo tommassi
Nov 21, 2003 4:07 PM
I commute from Rogers Park to Navy Pier....Red Basso fixie!
I start lookin' for you!Chicago_Steve
Nov 23, 2003 1:39 PM
I live near Irving Park/Damen/Lincoln intersection. I take Damen Ave. North every morning and criss-cross streets up to Niles (including a section of the North Branch Trail)...

I'm riding an orange Kelly Cyclocross bike...
Excellent!rollo tommassi
Nov 23, 2003 4:35 PM
an orange that'll stand out!

I used to live at Hoyne and Damen - that intersection at Lincoln/Irving has SOOoooooo changed!
HH, Grzmnky,DougSloan
Nov 21, 2003 11:25 AM
There were more, but I can't recall. I've seen several on various centuries and doubles here in California. Grzmnky isn't around here anymore. I saw HH for a brief time at Solvang.

Also, I see Morgan frequently; he lives around the corner from me. He doesn't post much, though.

I'm sure we must have crossed paths on the roadStraightblock
Nov 21, 2003 2:41 PM
or at least in the aisles at Cyclopath.
rode next to Dave Hickey at MS 150...eggshell
Nov 21, 2003 11:53 AM
and didn't know it until i saw his picture on a thread! also have hooked up with RCarp on occasion.J, sorry i missed the night ride with you boyz last night(kid duties).hopefully meet you on one in the near future.
MB1 - probably also the CA ones: DougSloan, ms, PseuZQ...PeterRider
Nov 21, 2003 1:11 PM
also, what was the name of the ex-pilot 2y ago? griz-something ?PeterRider
Nov 21, 2003 1:12 PM
Grizmonkey(sp)?? what happen to him? nmDave Hickey
Nov 21, 2003 1:53 PM
So which ones are in San Diego?? (nm)Rich_Racer
Nov 21, 2003 2:02 PM
re: my list is growing! what RBR posters have you ridden with?FTMD
Nov 21, 2003 2:40 PM
JS Haiku Shop

Suspect there's others on the group rides I do, but don't know specifically.
Not coincidentally...vindicator
Nov 21, 2003 7:51 PM
My list is the same as yours, switching FTMD for myself, of course.
Nov 21, 2003 4:31 PM
We started corresponding about 3 years ago via the old Bicycling Magazine forum. This summer he drove out from B.C. with his wife and family and I thought, what if I can't stand this guy? We got along great, managed to get about 3 or 4 rides in and our last one was canceled because of a freak rain storm in the middle of August. He is younger than I (by 14 years) and faster, but I was good for the long haul. I wish he lived closer,I finally found a good riding partner and he lives 2000 miles away.
RBR posters that I have ridden with - C-townmartym
Nov 21, 2003 5:35 PM
From Greater Cleveland area, I ride with gala7516.
re: my list is growing! what RBR posters have you ridden with?Mike P
Nov 21, 2003 5:48 PM
JS Haiku Shop
tarwheel / Bianchi Boy

That's about it for me.

My short listmickey-mac
Nov 21, 2003 6:19 PM
JohnG (Where'd he go anyhow?) We did the Five Counties Century together in September '01.

OwenMeany. We rode together a couple of weekday mornings before he moved to the westside. BTW, I'm not the guy who crashed him on Mandeville. ;-)
Short list here....4bykn
Nov 21, 2003 8:27 PM
I've ridden with Kristin (aka free2pedal) a few times, and done the same ride as Juanmoretime at least once. Possibly more at some big rides I don't know about.

Ride in Peace.....Mike
so is Kristin a hottie? do tell! what's her number? (nm)JS Haiku Shop
Nov 23, 2003 8:22 PM
so is Kristin a hottie? do tell! what's her number? (nm)4bykn
Nov 24, 2003 4:08 AM
Kristin is a friend, and I don't give out personal information on others, so I can't give out the number.
Is she a "hottie"? All a matter of personal preference, my friend. Do you consider young female cyclists "hotties?" If so, then I guess she is.

And I'm a bit surprised by that question coming from you, Haiku Dude!
just a little humor. don't get your feathers ruffled. ;-) nmJS Haiku Shop
Nov 24, 2003 6:25 AM
just a little humor. don't get your feathers ruffled. ;-) nm4bykn
Nov 24, 2003 1:43 PM
Feathers!!!! You callin' me chicken?????

Just kiddin', My reply was also meant to be (mildly) humorous. Sometimes hard to get that tone across in the forums. Never seen you be anything but a gentleman here.

Ride in Peace...Mike
The Minnesota contingent for me. I don't get out much : )Scot_Gore
Nov 22, 2003 10:42 AM

Still waiting to cross paths with PMC. Was that you in Hyland a few weeks ago. I was coast along and a stranger goes by and I thought I may have heard "Scot" but decided that it was my imagination.

The Minnesota contingent for me. I don't get out much : )PMC
Nov 22, 2003 1:05 PM
Hey Scot

It wasn't me :-(
I've been spending most of my two wheel time south of the river lately. We'll for sure need to hook up for a ride next spring.

I don't think I've ridden with anyone from the board other than Filtersweep and Giant Tom. Most of my regular riding companions don't spend much time on-line.