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I braced for contact(2 posts)

I braced for contactJFR
Nov 19, 2003 12:02 PM
My commute takes me over a short bridge (the I Street bridge spanning the Sacramento River). The bridge was built in the early 1900s, primarily I think for trains (trains run under the cars, double decker style). The bridge is very narrow with just one lane going in either direction. Two trucks going opposite directions will occasionally touch mirrors and the metal capped curbs see a lot of tire rubbing.

Crossing this bridge on a bike isn't too bad since it's short (takes less than a minute to get across), but it's still a little un-nerving if you have any cars behind you... some people are so inpatient and rude (news flash). These people will often make an unsafe pass (over a double yellow) to get around me and then race ahead to the next stop light where I typically catch them again... worse yet is when they can't pass due to oncoming traffic, so they ride my wheel nice-n-close in protest.

Well, yesterday morning I'm crossing the bridge and I hear a big truck slowly closing on me. I pick up the pace... he's still closing in... I'm doing about 20mph... he's still closing... I can hear him getting closer... closer still.... and yet even closer... "what a jerk" I mumble to myself... then I realize... "holy crap, this guy is gunna rub my wheel"... I braced for contact.

And just like that, as thoughts of my family and life filled my head, a train passed beneath me.

I rode off the bridge alone, with goose bumps and a smile.
best of luck and heal quickly!!ignazio
Nov 19, 2003 12:22 PM
Many times I've braced for impact with what turned out to be a phantom car/bus/deer. What a great feeling of relief right aftewards though!!