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HRM gel(10 posts)

HRM gelkomatiite
Nov 19, 2003 7:06 AM
I realize that this stuff IS cheap to buy, I am wondering if there are any rbr's out their who make their own concoction, seeing as how there are 'recipes' for chain lube et al. It can't be that difficult; something to thicken to make a gel and something conductive (like NaCl). hmmm....
Nov 19, 2003 7:16 AM
as gross as that sounds, I spit a couple times in my hand, reach under the strap and spread it around. Done. Works like a charm.
KYKeeping up with Junior
Nov 19, 2003 7:32 AM
Buy some generic KY jelly. Cheaper and works well with HRM straps. If your noncycling friends thought you were strange when you shaved your legs wait until they see the KY tube in the backseat of your car.
I buy the stuff from med supply for cheap!!andy02
Nov 19, 2003 7:45 AM
You do have to buy a lot but it is half the price of the stuff on bike web pages. It really helps in cold weather
I buy the stuff from med supply for cheap!!komatiite
Nov 19, 2003 10:04 AM
andy02, what is the brand of gel you use? or is it ust KY?

I usually use the 'spit method' as well, although, i get some really abnormal numbers every once in a while; my max rate is theoretically 192, but i have gotten numbers around 231 four times in the last six rides. So, i figured I'd better get something more effective than spit (man, the more i read/write this post, the more twisted it becomes...).
don't remember I will look when I get home-"=salty KY"nmandy02
Nov 19, 2003 10:15 AM
231Keeping up with Junior
Nov 20, 2003 7:48 AM
Could it be from a nylon wind shell flopping around and creating static electricity?
any hand/body lotion works great nmContinental
Nov 19, 2003 11:40 AM
Water. Simple recipe: turn on faucet. nmAsiago
Nov 19, 2003 12:38 PM
Sweat - even simpler. Never used anything else.astrobiker
Nov 19, 2003 6:30 PM