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St. Loius RBR follow-up report(10 posts)

St. Loius RBR follow-up reportJS Haiku Shop
Nov 19, 2003 6:24 AM
ere's the original:

...not to rehash what's already been stated...

i'm fairly sure Vindicator checked a topo map and routed us over anything exceeding 5%, however short. there are a few fun hills on this route; two in particular gave me substantial enjoyment. 39x23 + 10 extra pounds is not a recommended gearing and body composition recommendation for this route. nonetheless it was severely enjoyable and definitely a must-do at least once per year.

got up saturday 5 am, left 5:30, arrived 9:45 STL. did the ride, shacked up in a local hotel adjacent to the free world's largest outdoor shopping center (strip mall), couldn't sleep. as i was finally resigned to setting the alarm for 3 am to drive back to memphis for a 'cross race on sunday at 9 am, J2 called on my cell and advised that the race canceled for bad course conditions (rain+).

it was nice to sleep in on sunday. mrs. haiku and jr. were traveling, so i took a detour to southern IL to visit my late grandparents. very nice end to the weekend, which was a nice latter half of an extended vacation from the office.

final ride thoughts: route was spectacular, hilly/some challenging gradients, though short. overhill outclimbed everyone, though he took the bailout citing lack of mileage in his legs (LOL). great climber. FTMD rode very well and was entertaining at lunch afterward. vindicator did a great job with route layout & scouting, organization, and was a gracious ride host, making everyone feel welcome. it was nice to meet Spokey and i'm looking forward to returning to hang out a little more with him.

the roads, drivers, and general "feel" of the environment we traversed left me with the impression that St. Louis and surrounding areas are substantially more bicycle-tolerant than Memphis or/and other areas of the southeast. "share the road" and other signs were frequent and highly visible, and drivers were patient and mostly very friendly.

thanks, all. great ride.

re: St. Loius RBR follow-up reportFTMD
Nov 19, 2003 8:16 AM
I was? Ha, that was the beer talking. I had at least 4 before you finished the ride.
How did y'all hear the cx race was cancelled?SpecialTater
Nov 19, 2003 8:55 AM
Quite a few showed up. How can there be bad conditions for a cx race? ;)
...other considerations & forethought...JS Haiku Shop
Nov 19, 2003 9:52 AM
the race organizer, having secured the venue for all 3 practice races, was already under some scrutiny by the park after last year's complaints from recreational walkers on the 'cross course. this year, course surface damage was a major concern with park administration. the organizer canceled the race (by email and word of mouth, mostly) last-minute because it was too sloppy and would promote erosion and leave a mess (since we'd had *days* of rain). something like a compromise between good trail etiqutte and walking the line with the venue folks. as it was considered an unoffocial "practice" series for fun and stuff, it wasn't a big deal with the organizer to cancel that one.

on the other hand, the SLC series will run each date regardless of weather. since we have a ton of generous sponsors behind the series, the only thing that would cancel any of the events would be a direct instruction from the venue's administration.

additionally, the SLC venue will accommodate heavy rain and snow; about half is hardpack dirt/gravel, and the other half is remote grassland--nothing that will either be torn up or will be immediately visible in a non-race high-traffic area.

i'm looking forward to really cold, wet, miserable weather--all the better for 'cross. you will have plenty of singlespeed competition, or so it seems at this early point in time!

Thanks for the reports!Dale Brigham
Nov 19, 2003 9:48 AM
Wish I could have made it, but spousal duties prevailed. I'll try like the devil to make it next time.

oh yeah, almost forgot...JS Haiku Shop
Nov 19, 2003 1:43 PM
"vindicator and the triple"

vindicator rides a viner with ultegra (?) triple--he was taking some crap about it in an earlier post, last week, regarding recommended cassette for the ride. i'm no chopped liver, and there was some walking on this ride (but not by J!), but let me just tell you gear snobs that vindi was spinning away at the tops of most of these 3/4-1 mile hills while i was grinding the 39/23 and yanking the front wheel off the road. there was much wisdom to his gear selection, and he was not at all hampered with a 30 ring as i watched him drop my lard butt on climbs.


I think the final tally was about 56 miles at around 15.5 mph.
there's a Heras in every group...but...funknuggets
Nov 19, 2003 8:48 PM
What was overhill using? THATS what I wanna know!!! Haha!!! I was one of the guys razzing vindicator, so I take your word for it. I guess my experience on the east side of the state has somehow faded into the collegiate haze of youth. Nonetheless, I do remember a distinct hill in Washington, Missouri... where the grade is 16%. I know this cause my wife's best friend's husband (did you follow that) is a city planner and when I rode on it I asked him what the grade is and he said 16th street is 16%... or something to that effect. And... alas... at this point of the season... I would have been crying for a triple. But the funny thing is that I dont even use my small ring when I mountain bike.

Anyway, again... sorry I wasn't there to eat crow. Overhill seemed miffed I couldn't go cause he wanted to see my bike... bike preceeds me. Then again I guess it IS prettier than me.

So sayeth the funk,
mtb little ringJS Haiku Shop
Nov 20, 2003 6:49 AM
i'd never used the little ring on my mtb 'til riding at oak mt state park in AL (just south of b'ham). it's a little mountain, but the trail goes all up and down and around it, and there's some fairly technical stuff. 'round home and regional trails, there's nothing i can't stand and power over. on sustained trail climbs, though, i'm using all i've got and trying to grow more gears.

don't remember what overhill was riding gear-wise, but his son was on a !Schweet! colnago with record, i think it was a double. i'm pretty sure overhill was on a double, and would guess he was turning a 39/25 or 39/27.
Next spring...gparks
Nov 21, 2003 4:04 PM
I don't live in the area any more but next spring I will be visiting. If anyone has an electronic copy of the cue sheet for the ride I would love to have a copy. It sounds like you all had a nice ride.

Did your ride take you up Orville Road?


Up Orrville and over!vindicator
Nov 21, 2003 7:56 PM
The Orrville "wall" was our last big climb of the day. I don't know how this will come out copied from Excel, but here's the cue sheet:

Mile Instruction For
0 Depart on Long Rd (South) 0.3 mi
0.3 Turn LEFT (East) onto SR-CC [Wild Horse Creek Rd] 153 yds
0.4 Turn RIGHT (South) onto Kehrs Mill Rd 1.1 mi
1.6 turn RIGHT (West) onto Strecker Rd 1.0 mi
2.6 turn RIGHT (West) onto Shepard Rd 3.1 mi
5.7 turn LEFT (South-East) onto SR-109 (busy road, careful) 1.5 mi
7.1 turn LEFT (East) onto Manchester Rd 0.5 mi
7.6 turn RIGHT (South) onto Woods Ave (careful on this descent) 1.6 mi
9.2 Cross 109 (busy - come to full stop) and stay on Woods 120 yds
9.3 turn LEFT (South) onto Melrose Rd 2.5 mi
11.8 turn LEFT (South) onto Allenton-Six Flags Rd 4.4 mi
16.3 turn RIGHT (West) onto Fox Creek Rd
1st REST STOP - gas station immediately on left
Depart Rest stop on Fox Creek Rd West 4.2 mi
20.5 Cross 100 (careful - full stop) and continue on Manchester Rd 0.3 mi
20.8 turn RIGHT (North) onto Bouquet Rd 3.0 mi
23.8 turn RIGHT (East) onto Melrose Rd 174 yds
23.9 turn LEFT (North) onto Ossenfort Rd 0.9 mi
24.8 Cross St. Albans (Hwy T - busy - full stop) and stay on Ossenfort 2.0 mi
26.7 At 3-way, bear left to go north on Wild Horse Creek Rd 4.4 mi
31.1 Cross 109 at stop sign and continue east on Wild Horse Creek Rd 54 yds
2nd REST STOP - Amoco station on right
Depart Amoco on Wild Horse Creek East 0.4 mi
31.5 turn RIGHT (South-East) onto Eatherton Rd 0.9 mi
32.4 turn RIGHT (North) onto SR-109 (busy) 0.3 mi
32.7 turn LEFT onto SR-Ba [Babler Park Dr] 1.4 mi
34.2 Turn Right into Babler State Park 6.2 mi
Go straight into park and then follow loop clockwise
No turns except after big descent at approx. mile 38 turn left
and go up big hill
at 4- way at end of loop turn left to go back to park entrance
40.3 turn RIGHT (South) onto SR-Ba [Babler Park Dr] 0.6 mi
40.9 turn RIGHT (South) onto Pond Rd 1.2 mi
42 turn LEFT (North) onto Smith School Rd 0.5 mi
42.5 turn LEFT (West) onto SR-Ba [Babler Park Dr] 3.1 mi
45.6 turn RIGHT (East) onto SR-109 0.3 mi
45.9 turn LEFT (North-East) onto Eatherton Rd 0.1 mi
46 turn RIGHT (East) onto Orrville Rd 2.6 mi
Be careful on this final descent - sharp turn and stop sign at bottom
48.6 turn LEFT (North-East) onto Shepard Rd 0.1 mi
48.7 Turn LEFT (North) onto Strecker Rd 1.0 mi
49.7 turn LEFT (North) onto Kehrs Mill Rd 1.1 mi
50.8 Turn LEFT (West) onto SR-CC [Wild Horse Creek Rd] 153 yds
50.9 Turn RIGHT (North) onto Long Rd 0.3 mi
51.3 Arrive Wild Horse Grill on left