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Have my rear wheel. What front should I get?(3 posts)

Have my rear wheel. What front should I get?hrv
Nov 18, 2003 8:46 AM
Went to the PUMP swap in Portland, OR and got a great deal on a Mavic K. SSC-SL rear. He didn't have the front. Believe it or not, it's gonna be my trainer wheel until race/dry season!

Looking for a race worthy front. Don't want to spend much over $150, but I can go slightly higher for the right deal. My slow-a$$ legs aren't worthy of much more than that, nor is my budget! These will be used for all racing: road, tt's , crits. My front now is a CXP21. Wouldn't seem to take much to get a better wheel than that.

Since I already have the 20-spoke K, does it make sense to get something with less than or = to 20 spokes for aero. purposes? What guidelines do I need to follow, if any, to 'match' the wheel with the rear one? There seems to be many , low spoke wheels in that price range. Can I find a stiff wheel in that price range? Don't want to notice flex in cornering or sprinting. Do I have to go to the $200 range to match the performance of the rear?

My first swap meet, a live e-bay. Looked like there might have been a member or two of the disbanded pro. teams off-loading stuff like carbon-rim wheels at unbelievably low prices, and there was an Orbea frame I lusted after, but I was glad to just get the wheel I've always wanted, considering I had wife in tow!

Thanks for any advice,

re: Have my rear wheel. What front should I get?MShaw
Nov 18, 2003 9:24 AM
First I'd try and find the matching front. Someone out there has to have one...

After that, maybe a Cosmic/Carbone or something else aero.

re: Have my rear wheel. What front should I get?Kaboom
Nov 18, 2003 10:08 AM
I lusted for a year after the SSCs and in the end i had to go for the elites because i just couldnt afford the SSCs. If u really cant pay for a SSC front i suggest u get a front elite. Its fast, aero and stiff, although not to the level of the SSCs. Its also a pile of bucks cheaper, too...