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I've lost my born again road virgin status!!!!(9 posts)

I've lost my born again road virgin status!!!!namaSSte
Nov 18, 2003 8:34 AM
yup, the brown santa left a Gunnar on my porch and she was waiting somewhat patiently for me when I got home. I couldn't wait to tear the box open and peek inside but I have kids so first things first. Now I love my kids to death but it was tough trying to pay attention to stories about who threw up on who during lunch or who was caught holding hands at recess when that steel beauty was just sitting there all boxed up, ahhh parenthood! OK, tales of the day are done and I bolt downstairs to unwrap this gem when what do I hear??? My wife saying something like "are you almost ready?" Ready? Yeah, ready to jump outta my skin if I don't get this box opened! My stress builds as my mind races...ready for what?...don't tell me theres more distractions, then she says it..we are leaving in 2 minutes to get over to her sister's for a birthday gathering..ahhhhhh!!! say it's not so! I'm thinking of any way out, maybe I can feign a case of ebola, perhaps a minor dismemberment (ala Holy Grail, it's only a flesh wound). Nope, Im denied and off we go. Even cake was painful as I thought about only one thing, but alas, I had to wait. Finally back home, it's showers for the kids, teeth brushing, a little dose of the Amanda show, then bedtime and books. Finally at 9:43 (not that I was paying attention), the lights are out and quiet descends on teh house. I tiptoe down the first flight of stairs, then tear down the second into the basaement where I proceed to tear open the box like a lion would with a fresh kill on the African plains.

There she is! Oh man, it's beautiful all right. Shiny red paint with that 853 sticker looking right at me (I think she might have even winked!). I quickly go threw an initial assembly process just to have a look at th complete package and I'm very pleased with what I see. For the next hour I tweak, I adjust, I retweak until I think she's just right. I must say, despite not being lugged like the Waterfords, the Gunnar's welds are about as nice as any I have ever seen (and Im not just saying that, they are flawless!). Quick time check..11:03pm. Sheesh, it's still early so I decide a "test" ride is in order. I get dressed and off I go.

Well, an hour and 20 minutes later I get back from the "test" ride smiling ear to ear. Chilly, but sweating, I remember all the reasons I used to love being on the road, the rythmic cadence, the speed, the's all good and I'm thrilled to be back. As good as this first ride was, I know there are many more adventures to come. Hopefully, my wife and kids won't have me committed prior to that happening!

Thanks for reading this far, how you stayed awake to do so is beyond me!! Thanks too, for all the help in choosing this bike. Once I get a different stem (I think I need a slightly shorter one with a neg rise as opposed to the 110 and 0 deg rise) I think it's going to be spot on!

Peace and light all,
Scott (no longer a born again road virgin!)
Welcome back and thanks for the ...Live Steam
Nov 18, 2003 8:39 AM
good read :O) Sounds like you are going to have to struggle to make time to ride, but it will be worth it. Have fun and enjoy every mile!
thanks! fortunately, I am a night owl and enjoy night riding!namaSSte
Nov 18, 2003 8:55 AM
otherwise, you're right! I have raced mtb for years doing most of my training at night and it's worked out pretty well. Usually, I'm on the bike by 9:30, home by 11-11:30. If I'm on the trainer, its a simple 45 mins and done.

Thanks for the welcome back though. One funny (in a strange way) observation is that many mtb'ers look at roadies as an uptight, elitist bunch. I've found exactly the opposite here. There's little sniping, and ppl are genuinely friendly and helpful. I'll spread the word.....

Peace and light,
A proud papa...PdxMark
Nov 18, 2003 11:08 AM
And you like your kids, too!

Thanks for the nice read. Night riding is fun. I work late (too often), but the ride home at night is a joy. On those really, really late nights, the roads are empty and the quiet space has a cozy peacefulness. Sometimes I see only one or two cars on the road. Other times I see more bikes than cars moving around.

Enjoy that new bike, oh and those precious kids too.
"quiet space has a cozy peacefulness"........namaSSte
Nov 18, 2003 11:46 AM
I've never been able to really put that feeling into words but I think you just captured it perfectly. I love riding at night for that exact reason. If you really want to feel a sense of peace at night, try riding mtb in the woods, it's so surreal no matter how many times you do it.

Thanks for the thoughts and for the read.
"quiet space has a cozy peacefulness"........Rob01
Nov 18, 2003 1:37 PM
Yes, an evening ride in the woods in nice and peaceful - until you hit that big rock, or tree, or... (having done most of those, I know whereof I speak!) - I still enjoy doing it, though.

Unfortunately, here in the Great White North it's getting a little cold for night riding (and daytime riding gets tough through 2 feet of snow...) - so I'm relegated to replaying those peaceful moments in my mind while on a trainer.

My oldest boy is really starting to like road riding (he's now 11), and so I'm really looking forward to riding with him next spring! (The other 3 are still a little young for longer rides, but for short hops around town, they're enjoying it!)
yeah, riding with the" yungins" is always great!namaSSte
Nov 18, 2003 1:56 PM
My little one who's 6 took her first trail rides this year and loved it. My son who's eight is a whole different story. I know Im biased as a parent but the kid is really solid on the bike. We race bmx together at the track once a week in the summer and trail ride frequently. His endurance is great but he jumps stuff that makes his mom more than a little nervous. Just a week ago we were at the playground and he rode a wall that's 54 feet long (I measured later) and only 10" wide. What really made it cool is that it's roughly 2.5 feet off the ground so he had to wheelie the drop at the end and he stuck it. I've gottne to tpoint that I'm very comfortable when he wants to try new and more challenging stuff. Not sure, he'll ever take to the road (not extreme enough for an 8 year old) but it sure is fun to ride with him. He's dying to do a night ride in the woods but mom has put her foot down on that one....unless, of course, she doesn't know!
glad you enjoyed the ride._rt_
Nov 18, 2003 11:13 AM

thanks rt....namaSSte
Nov 18, 2003 11:50 AM
and thanks for the help and encouragement when this all started.