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Question about Trek's Warranty...(4 posts)

Question about Trek's Warranty...Grahamalicious
Nov 17, 2003 7:22 PM
I've found several spots on my Trek 2300 frame's drive side seat stay where is the clearcoat is bubbled and/or peeling. My warranty stuff says paint for one year, and i think this is a defect vs. user error because this is my 4th trek made frame (Fisher, Trek, Lemond, Trek....) and with everything i've done to mess up the paint on them, it hasn't been anything like this. also, the bike only has about 100 outside miles on it. Is there any chance in getting this fixed? I could take it to my LBS and see what they say, but i'd rather not hassle them or waste my time (they're pretty much only open the hours i work during the cold dark wisconsin winter...).

Think there's any chance in getting this fixed? and if so, would trek just replace it or actually strip it and repaint it?
re: Question about Trek's Warranty...russw19
Nov 17, 2003 7:48 PM
Call the Trek store in Madison. They have their own store somewhere up there near the factory. They should be able to tell you what is going on.

Older Trek frames that had the carbon tubes bonded to the aluminium lugs had this problem. It had to do with the acidity levels in certain people's sweat reacting with the clearcoat that they used. It would cause the paint to bubble up. Or something to that effect. But it was a was a problem for them. They warrantied every single frame I ever saw that was like that. Give them a call and ask them about it and tell them that you would have a tough time bringing it in, so you want to ask them about it first. Another thing you can do is take a bunch of digital photos of it and ask the Trek store if you can send the warranty department the photos and see what they say. They obviously can't make a decision until they see it in person, but they can tell you if it's worth bringing it up if they see the pics.

re: Question about Trek's Warranty...Grahamalicious
Nov 17, 2003 9:31 PM
Actually i live in madison, and given the driving time across town for the official trek store, its probably easier for me to drive down the highway to waterloo (that might get results... :D )

its an '02 2300 that i picked up on closeout in mid august, so the warranty should have started then, right?

the easiest thing would be to haul it down to my LBS (where i bought the bike) when they have a day on that i have off. I was basically looking for someone to tell me it wasn't stupid to think a clearcoat was peeling off.

Besides, i was took some rolf wheels there (the official trek sture) thinking they would have better luck dealing with trek for parts that needed a new endcap on the rear hub and it took over a month to get it right (but at least i got the stupid part for free when they figured out the right one)
re: Your warranty starts when the bike was purchased...hudsonite
Nov 18, 2003 4:57 AM
I would suggest going to your local dealer first (ASAP). They are the first contact point in the warranty process. If they cannot help, escalate it to the trek store or trek customer service.

The paint/clearcoat should not be peeling so early in a bike's life.