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ATTN: new worm spreading around the net(1 post)

ATTN: new worm spreading around the netglobalhelipimp
Nov 17, 2003 7:12 PM
For those of you who use AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), a somewhat new worm has been spreading quite readily. If you click someone's profile and see "Whoaaaa .. look what I found", DO NOT CLICK THE LINK.

The link takes you to the website which infects you with the worm.

If you use Norton Anti-Virus, it's recommended that you update your defintions. Microsoft also recommends doing their software updates to get a patch that's suppose to render the worm harmless (?).

For those of you who don't have Norton, you can download a 30-day trial version from their website. It's worth the download- you may find a virus that's been lurking around your computer without your knowledge. Interested?

Also, Zone Alarm is a really good firewall that protects hackers from getting into your computer(s). The program moniters what goes in and out, and allows you to control your programs that access the internet.;jsessionid=15LooCiKHg8H0dpi2m2fzcmlo9Gc1iFzNTYlSGe7JTluWIviJVK7!493925572!-1062696904!7551!7552!-1731898816!-1062696903!7551!7552?lid=home_box

Anddddddd one more thing, Ad-Ware is a good utility to check out- it automatically scans your computer for spyware and all sorts of bad stuff.

Check 'em out- you won't be disappointed.