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My cycling life story..if you care..first year in the books!(2 posts)

My cycling life story..if you care..first year in the books!shakyfish
Nov 17, 2003 6:54 PM
Just to let others know a little more about me.

I bought my first road bike one year ago almost to the day. It is a Lemond Zurich '02. Oh, yes it is a triple. (this is where you start flaming me): ).

I'll give a little background as to why I started riding. I was in a car accident in oct. '01 and I ended up having back surgery and got ridiculously out of shape during all of the down time. I was never really in shape to begin with and decided to get the bike to improve my fitness. I road some MTB before and didn't really want to go bouncing over many more rocks and having the guaranteed wrecks of MTBing with my back. So I got the RB.

I really only road about 200 miles until I put up the bike for the winter. Just enough to for me to figure out this is not as easy as Lance makes it look in the Alps. I dusted off the bike in Feb-Mar and road up to April when I got my second medical hold with Gall Bladder surgery. After I was all healed up I was nowhere in better shape then when I bought the bike in '02. So I went after it with a vengance.

I really started riding in begining of July and have put over 1000 miles on since then. That was my goal for the year by the way. Just hit it on Sunday, and my bike celebrated by giving me flat at exactly 1000 miles on the ODO. I was watching the ODO because I wanted to see the goal reached. Not 1/10 mi. later pss-s-s-s-s-s. How funny. Something I will never forget I guess.

I have lost over 30 pounds since July and have the full support of my wife. She bought me winter riding stuff for my B-day the other day, I'm good to go now. I will need it living in the Cincinnati area.

So my goal for next year is 2000 miles and to do at least one century. I know I could do one now but I just never have taken the initiative. Also, the weight loss goal will be for me to lose 30 more pounds in the next year. I am at 250 now. One more goal is to do the Little Miami Tri. (6mi canoe-6mi run-18 mi bike) in May. I have started running too.

I have met some great people cycling this year, and some jerks. Alot of fun I'd have to say. I have been both dropper and droppee-mostly the latter. I have puked, bonked, flatted and hit the wall and still I ride on much smarter and a little faster. Heck I even got to ride with PaulCL (I was the droppee that day). He was a truly nice guy though and held up for me during the ride.

Wow that was long but I thought I would share a little.

Oh and if you are in the Monday night fast group on KY8, sorry I busted up your paceline with my etiquette about 7 miles into your 30 miler back in Sept. (Droppee again)

Am I still a noob? : )

Ride safe.

re: My cycling life story..if you care..first year in the books!aliensporebomb
Nov 18, 2003 12:34 PM
You're sort of where I was about a year and a half ago....

I did 1100 miles that year.

I'm on track for 2000 miles this year.

Dropped 24 pounds without even trying.

Keep on riding. Yeow.