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Bike build questions / linseed oil / integrated headset(3 posts)

Bike build questions / linseed oil / integrated headsetNewDayNewWay
Nov 17, 2003 2:36 PM
My single speed build is about to become reality! A few questions...

Rust-proofing with linseed oil: There was a post back a while that said to use BOILED linseed oil. What difference does it make to boil it? Is this generally what everyone does who uses linseed oil to rust-proof a frame?

Linseed oil question #2: Best way to apply? Someone indicated just to "poor it in the frame and turn the frame around to coat everything." However, I assume you don't want this to get into bottom bracket threads, and don't want it on the frame finish either. What is the best way to apply this to the interior of the frame?

headset question: Perhaps my first "I'm an idiot" moment. I ordered an integrated headset however my Surly crosscheck has just a hollow headtube with no ledge or anything inside. So do I need the type of headset that has press-in cups?

Thanks for the help!
re: Bike build questions / linseed oil / integrated headsetMel Erickson
Nov 17, 2003 3:05 PM
You buy linseed oil that's already boiled, it comes that way. Linseed oil can work but a much better product is J. P. Weigle Frame Saver. Check at your LBS or order it online.

Yes, you need a headset with press in cups.
re: Bike build questions / linseed oil / integrated headsetukiahb
Nov 17, 2003 8:36 PM
aircraft suppliers also sell anti-rust treatments for steel tubes...maybe check out Aircraft Spruce, lots of interesting stuff (tools, materials, cromoly tubing, etc.) even if you are not interested in planes