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St. Louis RBR ... where is the report?(7 posts)

St. Louis RBR ... where is the report?funknuggets
Nov 17, 2003 7:43 AM
Oh how I wish I would have been there...

only 4 truckloads of mulched leaves, one attempt at a faucet change turned into a broken pvc at the shutoff valve, needless to say lots and lots and lots of water... a half hour project turned into a 4 hour project. Uggggghhhh, I hate home ownership.

And people wonder why I retire in the fall and take off... to catch up with all the home projects I neglected over the spring and summer....


It was hilly.Spoke Wrench
Nov 17, 2003 9:15 AM
I got dropped like a rock within the first mile. I expected to be last, but the speed desparity was so great that I chose not to ride rather than let the other six guys take turns baby sitting me waaaay off the back. I went home, changed clothes and met back up with most of the guys for a beverage afterward. I'm glad that I went.

Unfortunately, you'll have to get a route ride report from somebody else but it looked plenty hilly to me.
Where did you guys ride?coonass
Nov 17, 2003 5:26 PM
Wildwood/Eureka area or Pacific?? Maybe we can plan a ride in the Spring ?? I'm glad to see that J from Mempho drove up and rode...the only 'hills' in Mempis are on Mt. Moriah :)....
Nov 17, 2003 5:30 PM
Started near Spirit airport, wound down through Wildwood past Babler, Rockwood, and Greensfelder to Six Flags. Then back up, around the backside of Babler, then a loop through the interior road in Babler, up and over the "Orrville Wall" and home.
yes, it was hillyFTMD
Nov 17, 2003 11:11 AM
It was very hilly, and also my longest ride since mid-September, so I suffered. I'm local but don't ride these particular roads very often. All I can say is that the hills really bite at your legs. It was also cold and damp and anytime I stopped pedaling I froze and got the shakes. Vindicator had a 50 mile route nicely laid out with opt-out options around the 40 mile mark. Myself and three others bailed early and finished with around 41 miles. J and V did the complete route. Since I finished earlier than most, I put away several beers post ride.

I think we started with 7 and then SW decided to drive team car behind the group for awhile. As I suffered up a hill at 4 mph I seriously contemplated climbing in the cab of his truck.

I didn't catch everyone's screen name, but J was there along with Vindicator, SW, Overhill and myself. I brought along a buddy that's never heard of this site.

Thanks to V for taking the time to prepare the map and cue and thanks to J for lighting the fire and coming on up. J drove up from Memphis, was there by 10:00 a.m., spent the night in the Lou and had to be back in Memphis by 9:00 a.m. Sunday. That's a looonnnggg weekend.

Looking forward to the next one.

Hills, glorious hills...vindicator
Nov 17, 2003 2:43 PM
It was hilly, it was fun, but if only we'd have had Sunday's weather on Saturday!

As Doug said, we had 7 at the start, soon converted to 6 plus SW driving the support truck.

The course was beautiful - not as nice as it would have been maybe two weeks ago before more leaves fell, or as nice as it would have been with some sunshine - but beatiful nonetheless. We had a pair of deer dash across the road on a big hill. Luckily we were going up and not down.

It was great to meet everyone - good folks, fun to ride with and fun to recover with. And "Overhill" may claim to have chosen his moniker because he's over THE hill, but I can attest that it's more likely because he's the FIRST one over each hill, putting us "youngsters" to shame, riding that pretty classic Schwinn frame.

The one bummer is that no one had a compact digicam, so we have no pics. One rider brought a bigger one but left it in the car...

Thanks again to J for instigating this whole thing - and I too am looking forward to the next one.

re: St. Louis RBR ... where is the report?Overhill
Nov 17, 2003 4:17 PM
Thanks to Vindicator, J, and the other participants for a great ride. The weather may have scared some away, but we made the whole ride in decent, dry weather, for the time of year. [Rained most of the way down and the whole drive back] The hills were tough--nothing like those in west-central Illinois. The route was well done, and with beautiful scenery. Our only serious traffic hazard consisted of two crazed deer that ran in front of us-fortunately on an uphill. I brought my St. Louis based son along, and he had a really good time. I suggest making this a regular event. Thanks to all involved.