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New bike: Trek 5500 vs Cannondale R3000(10 posts)

New bike: Trek 5500 vs Cannondale R3000ingLatour
Nov 16, 2003 11:19 AM
Hi, it is a following of a topic I posted few days ago..

I'm looking for a new bike for 2004, now my choice is between a Trek 5500 2004 for 4100 CAN$ (stock with Bontrager equipement) and a Cannondale R3000 2004 for 3950 CAN$.

For the Trek, I would need a 60cm (58cm c-c with 58.2 TT) and for the Cannndale I would need a 58 (with 57.5 TT)

I've never tried them, but according to the specs, I guess the Cannondale geometry would suits me a little better...

Does anyone has tried both and has a feedback to give me on the ride, the durablity, the comfort etc...

thank you.
re: New bike: Trek 5500 vs Cannondale R3000hudsonite
Nov 16, 2003 11:44 AM
I suggest you try both of them to see which one you like better. The two will feel very different.

I have ridden the Trek and it is a very nice bike. I also own a Cannondale, but an older one, also a very nice bike.

The Trek is Carbon fibre and comes with the industry's best warranty. The Cannondale has a warranty that is quite different, with an estimated life of about two years.

Personally I find CF bikes to be more comfortable on long rides. The Cannondale, may feel a little more lively and is probably a little lighter.

The Trek is easier to live with. There is very little danger of damanging the frame if you look after it. The Cannondale will need a lot more attention to avoid dents which happen very easily.

For myself, I would go with the Trek because I like to keep things a long time. If money was not an issue and I was going to change the bike in a couple of years, either would work.

BTW, the price for the 2004 5500 is a very good.
re: New bike: Trek 5500 vs Cannondale R3000zero85ZEN
Nov 16, 2003 12:15 PM
Trek frame will be as light or lighter than the C-dale.
How about a new rule for RBRgala7516
Nov 16, 2003 12:00 PM
Everyone has questions about comparing frames and what not. What if before these questions are asked, the bikes are fitted and the test ridden be the person asking the question?
What's wrong with asking questions?zero85ZEN
Nov 16, 2003 12:25 PM
It is not always simple and easy to test ride the bikes one is asking about. What's wrong with asking for some general feedback from the forum?

As for feedback:

IMHO the OCLV Trek is a much better long term investment for your money. It is also a much more comfortable ride with the best warrany coverage in the industry. With the top tube lengths you mentioned you should try a 58cm OCLV as well. The 58cm has a 57.1 top tube I believe. You might have issues with head-tube height though.
I think the 5900 Superlight has a little bit longer head-tube, size for size, than the "standard" OCLV's.
At any rate, with the alloy steerer tube, you can afford to add a little bit of spacer stack height if you need to.
The questions would be better if he rides the bikes first.gala7516
Nov 16, 2003 12:57 PM
We do not know his physical measurements, we don't know what his budget is for future bikes, we don't even know how he is going to ride the bike (centuries, races, group rides etc.).

You are going to be dropping a lot of cash on a bike and you are going to trust people on the internet to help you measure fit or determine ride quality? Why is it not simple to test ride these bikes?

I think that this gentleman's questions would be answered with a couple test rides. There is nothing wrong with asking these questions. I just thought it would be more meaningful for everyone if the bikes were ridden first.
relax pal--its OK to ask these questionsjimmyihatetoregister
Nov 17, 2003 7:29 AM
Don't read them if you don't like them.
Actually, Trek DOESN'T have the 'industry best' warranty...bigdeal
Nov 16, 2003 1:12 PM
One word: Calfee.
re: New bike: Trek 5500 vs Cannondale R3000Drone 5200
Nov 16, 2003 6:55 PM
Back in march I was trying to decide between a 5200 and the R2000. One step down from what you're looking at, but the same frame on each bike.

I went with the trek because I found the carbon to be a bit more comfortable. Also, I figured the OCLV would last longer than the CAAD7. Time will tell if that is true.

Oh yea, I also liked the '03 trek colors better. To each his own.

Be sure to ride 'em both. Then pick the one that speaks to you. Enjoy!
I chose the Cannondale R3000kevinacohn
Nov 16, 2003 9:19 PM
I test rode a 5200 (same frame, Ultegra components) and a full range of Cannondales - R1000, R2000, R3000. I have to say I liked the weight and (gasp) feel of the Cannondales more. I like the bike to be responsive, and I didn't feel like paying up the a-- for a carbon frame when it wasn't that important to me.

Also, I hate the Bontrager components (wheels especially). The Ksyriums that come with the R2000/R3000 are infinitely better than the Bontrager Race Lites...

I bought a 2004 Cannondale R3000 :-).