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Warning - shifting is not safe!(10 posts)

Warning - shifting is not safe!OffTheBack
Nov 16, 2003 5:55 AM
Last night I was watching the infomercial for Land Rider (TM) automatic shifting bicycles. The host helpfully pointed out that many bike accidents happen when the rider is looking down at the handlebar to shift gears. It's not safe!

Everyone please, either convert your bike to a fixed gear or get a Land Rider (retail value $600, QVC price $375) right away. Be safe out there!
Is there a Landrider Infomercial support group?micha
Nov 16, 2003 6:05 AM
I can't stop watching the Landrider infomercial. Seen it three times now - morbid fascination with junk? Help!
thanks for the warning!DaveG
Nov 16, 2003 7:25 AM
I'll be placing my order later today. After 14 years of riding bikes with shifters my luck was running out. Its a travesty that we are allowed to ride these death traps.
I have Jackie Chiles representing me against....Dave Hickey
Nov 16, 2003 8:05 AM
Shimano and Campy. Sorry, I didn't want the Seinfeld thread from earlier this week to end:-)....
Nov 16, 2003 9:11 AM
Who told you to use a balm, did I tell you to use a balm?russw19
Nov 17, 2003 11:13 AM
Or some other great Jackie quotes....

"You took a deal! Did I tell you to take a deal?"

"Oh and by the way, they're real, and they're spectacular" About Teri Hatcher's breasts at Jerry's trail.

Dave, do you watch Wanda At Large on FOX? The same actor plays "Bradley" and he's funny in that role too. I personally think Wanda Sikes is hilarious, but the character of Bradley pulls that show together.

I've never seen Wanda. i'll have to check it out..nmDave Hickey
Nov 17, 2003 12:41 PM
already bought mine1terry b
Nov 16, 2003 8:15 AM
here's the scene - another mind numbing night spent in a faceless motel on a pointless business trip. Can't sleep because the person on the other side of the cardboard partition (they call this a wall?) is doing God knows what. Lots of squealing and grunting. Four a.m., can't sleep, nothing to do, time to channel surf. First hit - Landrider. I'm desperate for human contact, I'm lonely, I call the Friendly Landrider Help Line. No, they won't take a 2001 Colnago MasterXLight in trade, they're not Pre-owned Bikes Inc. after all, but wait - didn't we just switch the corporate card from Visa to American Express? I'm not on their hit list for filing my travel reimbursements after the deadline. Moments later, the deal is done - if I'm lucky, it'll be there (yes, I know I shouldn't have paid $100 for overnight) before I get home from my trip.

Then I woke up.
Nov 16, 2003 3:45 PM
I crash every single time I shift. It pretty much sucks, as I end up spending about $6,500 a week on new helmets, gloves, jerseys and bibs....

or maybe it's those matching Microsoft Team issue jerseys and bibs I keep wearing :-)
The Landrider is made for.......Alexx
Nov 17, 2003 7:20 AM
....people who have a problem walking and chewing gum simultaneously.