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So.... What the Hell have you all been doing for training?(10 posts)

So.... What the Hell have you all been doing for training?CARBON110
Nov 15, 2003 11:41 AM
Bored of ebay questions and in an attempt to keep RBR interesting. How long was your "transition phase"? How often are you hitting the gym? How much riding :) Speaking of which how much does your membership cost? Mine is 70 BUCKS!! a month where in Asheville it was $35 in a city with 20k more people..huh?!
re: My Gym....teoteoteo
Nov 15, 2003 12:44 PM
Is the hardwood floor in my house. Just working on core strength mainly and for the first time in a few years I feel like racing again so I am eating healthy. I've gained 15 pounds from my old racing weight (140)and I feel horrible going uphill. I am on the hook for an offroad duathlon in Decemeber (the one LA sometimes races) and I'll be racing the male relay division with a "ringer" handling the runs. If my fitness comes halfway around I'd have to say we'll be a contender. I have raced Expert MTB for 7 years and have more race laps than I can count on the course being used.

Did 3 hours MTB yesterday and about 2 hours today. About 6 hours so far in the road bike this week. I am struggling to ride the road rig as I sold my old one but my new one doesn't fit so well--I took a gamble on size so now I am trying to sell but nobody wants a sweet deal on a 55 top tube Look 381i (shameless plug check classifieds search for ad 38818)

Carbon if your still hitting Austin Lemme know I'll take a few days and we can do some long steady days.
re: So.... What the Hell have you all been doing for training?PEDDLFOOT
Nov 15, 2003 1:00 PM
I plan on riding until the snow starts and then some running and swimming at the fitness center.I'll be doing alot of Spinning classes as I'm an instructor.My membership is free because I work at the club.:-) I also do some light weight lifting.
Hang'in out at Krispy Kreme.......High Gear
Nov 15, 2003 1:14 PM
It's been a bad year. When I'm serious. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and do the bike,Stairmaster and squats. Ride when ever the weather permits, anything over 25 degrees.
Mileage down to 100/wk from 200/wk. Appetite still at 200Dave Hickey
Nov 15, 2003 3:34 PM
I'm trying to stay in shape. I'll run a couple days wk and ride 3 or 4. My biggest problem is adjusting my appetite to less calories.
Commuting and misc. fun stuff...biknben
Nov 15, 2003 3:55 PM
I just commute as much as I can during the week. The weekends I go for LSD rides or a race just for fun.

Last week I did a short track MTB race. This weekend I borrowed a CX bike and am doing my first ever CX race.

I regularly do core workouts at home. On days when I don't commute or do some other ride, I'll run 2-4 miles.
Hey Jermey my traning driving 2500miles......abicirider
Nov 15, 2003 6:43 PM
in less than 3 days I'm here in CA I home it is a strange feeling my training last 3 days driving 14-16 hours a day now I got get back on the bike.
I will Email you hope everything is going good for you
Talk to you soon
Be Safe Out On The Roads!!!!
Ray Still
re: So.... What the Hell have you all been doing for training?KG 361
Nov 15, 2003 7:11 PM
Ride when I can. I'll start lifting in Dec. I did my 1st cross race last weekend-I want to do more! Hit the trainer 2x this week and I'll ride tomorrow. I would have commuted this week but 2 of the days there were gusts of 60+ mph. Didn't want to get blown into the Susquehana!
Sounds great !CARBON110
Nov 16, 2003 9:51 AM
Plan on it Teo and Ray. I have spent the last 3 weeks negotiating with work on some things as well as prepping for my move to VT. I decided on VT, instead of Cali, since my family is all there and my work ethic provides me with twice as much free time in VT as in other places at the same salary :) So I am returning to NC this week to finish cleaning out my house and prep my stuff to be moved North. I miss the weather already since its been about 25' degrees here for the last week BUT I am a hard azz on my bike and I will get out ice and snow regardless.
Glad your drive went safe Ray and you are where you want to be. My caoch gave me one of his many cyclocross frames and Im building it up with custom studded tires..the screw method, so I can ride dirt roads all winter. My temp record is about to be broken for riding in but ass cold weather.
But just the same, since I will have more free time I decided on traveling with my two wheel machine more and I think I will derive alot more fun this year then ever before
2 weeks off after my last race..._rt_
Nov 17, 2003 7:04 AM
spent a week of it with a stomach virus, so it wasn't exactly as relaxing and fun as i'd hoped!! ;-)

back into base training through Jan. 3x/week on the trainer doing strength drills, 2x/week in the gym doing weights (almost entirely upper body), 2x/wk low mileage endurance rides on the road....yeah, no days off in my current schedule. my gym membership costs me exactly $0! it's a benefit of workign for a federal agency concerned with "Safer. Healthier. People."

last week i got 65 miles outside (50 road/15 trails), this week i got 45 (all trail).

i'll start ramping things up in Feb to be ready to race again in march.