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computrainer and spinervals(2 posts)

computrainer and spinervalsmollythedog
Nov 15, 2003 8:05 AM
Does anyone use their computriner with spinerval tapes. If so what kind of setting do you put the computrainer on do the selected spinerval tape? I think the added benefit of having a virtual coach telling you when to sprint and recover who be a great help. Any opinions? also, what tapes do you recommend?
re: computrainer and spinervalsd-boy
Nov 16, 2003 6:46 AM
I prefer the Carmichael Training System (CTS) videos the best. They emphasize heart rate and cadence - you choose the gear. The routines appear to be well tought out to build strength and endurance. I have the "Climbing" and "MTB" videos. They really made a difference for me. I saw they came out with some new ones.

I have two Spinervals, the 90 minute one and the recovery one. I also have one called Cyclerobics (sp?). They focus only on using specific gear ratios and just changing gears alot. The two spinerval tapes have some gimmicks in them. One has you get off the bike and do squats until your legs fall off and the other has you do one leg riding. No explanations on the benefit. I think their exercise philosophy is to keep you so distracted by shifting gears and following commands that you don't have time to get bored. I do admit I have a hard time keeping up with it unless I'm at my peak. So maybe its just me. Some people may like the style.

My preference is for the CTS series. I am a firm believer in training based on heart rate. Also, I use a fluid trainer, someday I may try a computrainer. Goodluck.