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Spinning workout to build quads ???(4 posts)

Spinning workout to build quads ???superdog
Nov 14, 2003 2:22 PM
I'm looking for some spinning workouts specifically designed to build the quads. Any input would be appreciated.

I've found that doing a standing climb while holding the upper body still really makes the quads burn. So... I've been doing a one minute standing climb followed by a two minute spinning rest and I repeat this 12 times.

I'm thinking that as I get stronger, I could change to a one minute rest between standing climbs. Heck... I could shoot for a 30 minute standing climb with no rest at all.

I only have 45 minutes for complete workout.
What are you riding?theBreeze
Nov 14, 2003 5:41 PM
Are you using your own bike on a trainer or a specific indoor bike?

Slow cadence drills at a high resistance ("climbs") are good for building leg strength, and standing will focus on quads a little more than sitting. Be very careful of body allignment. Your hips should be over the saddle, and you should feel the nose of the saddle brush the back/inside of your thighs. When you say "holding the upper body still" do you mean just keeping it stable? This will help with good form on the road too. Be sure you are not holding your upper body too low (relative to the bars and saddle) with your center of gravity too far forward. This is orthopedic disaster for your knees. And avoid putting a lot of weight on the handle bars.

Your drills sound fine. Umm, I don't think a 30 minute stand is necessary. Arnie Baker, MD does standing drills up to 5 minutes in his book "Smart Cycling." He has a 12 week stationary trainer workout series that is easily adapted to stationary indoor bikes. Another source of drills is the Spinervals web site( Troy posts a workout of the week. You might find something you like. Of course there are the videos too.

Good riding and be careful!
What are you riding?superdog
Nov 14, 2003 8:38 PM
I'm riding a Schwinn Spinner Pro spinning bike. (stationary bike)

When I say "holding the upper body still" I'm referring to a common spinning technique where you try to hold the upper body still and not bob up and down or side to side. It forces you to use your legs more and it really hits the quads.

I am concerned about putting too much stress on the knees. There's no sense getting injured in the off season. I try to stay back far enough to where my saddle hits my thighs. However, My bars are about the same height as the saddle and I do have to lean over a little because of that. If that is putting more stress on the knees I will move the bars up higher.
Leaning over not a problemtheBreeze
Nov 16, 2003 2:32 PM
The movement I was referring to is what some cycing instructors used to call "Grouchos". Imagine standing on the pedals, then lowering your whole body as a unit, so that your hips may actually end up just below saddle height. The knee joints never fully extend. It's a stupid move and I have no idea who orginally thought of it. Obviously someone who had never been on a real bike and had no knowledge of biomechanics or kinesiology. Just goes to show you what some yahoo instructors will come up with in the name of variety.

Sounds like your're doing fine. Have fun!