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Comments on Polar Power Kit?...(4 posts)

Comments on Polar Power Kit?...SS_MB-7
Nov 14, 2003 7:44 AM
I have a Polar S710 and I'm considering the optional Power Kit as an add-on. Unfortunately, most of my endurance training is done in my basement on an indoor trainer (Kurt Kinetic) from Dec - Apr (I live in Canada...long, cold winters). Is it a worthwhile investment? Accurate?

Ride Hard,
Mike B.
i like mine alot...venga venga venga
Nov 14, 2003 12:42 PM
... in fact, i have one for my road bike and one for my TT bike. you just have to set it up very precisely for consistent readings. i have never calibrated it with a computrainer so i couldn't attest to its accuracy but it seems to be consistent.

one thing i have heard/read is that mag trainers interfere with the signal and totally fouls up the power readings.

go to the wattage training message board on topica. you may get an earful about how polar power is inaccurate but those who post regularly on the board are trying to sell power taps so there's a conflict of interest. i think most agree that the srm is superior but it doesn't account for driveline power losses (i couldn't afford it anyway).
I've had mine for 6 months now and love it!!kalby
Nov 14, 2003 2:55 PM
Just got rid of mine, but...CritLover
Nov 14, 2003 6:59 PM
...only because the coach I was going to hire used them for training, and the one I have now doesn't use power. Seemed like an expensive toy to keep if I didn't know how to train with it.

Barring any interference problems, it would probably be a great training tool for the trainer. Read up as much as you can to get the most from it- then it's definitely a worthwhile tool.