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Paging Fattrax - Nara Cycling(3 posts)

Paging Fattrax - Nara CyclingGeoCyclist
Nov 13, 2003 9:41 PM
One of my riding buddies had all the info about travelling on the Shin with a bike. Yes, you have to have it bagged. My riding buddy offered to loan me his bike bag for my train trip. Now, I just need to find a weekend to go riding. My first free weekend will be in December, and I fear the weather isn't going to be too nice by than. Anyway, lets keep in touch and see how the weather looks next month. The weather was excellent today; got in 80 kms in the beautiful sunshine!

Ride On!
I just got back inFattrax
Nov 14, 2003 9:34 PM
I was doing a little exploratory ride into the mountain separating Osaka and Nara. At the top was an astounding view looking over the valley to the mountains on the other side. Man, I wish I had my camera. Unfortunately after an incident that put our current Cannon S50 into the shop for a month (at the tune of 140,000 yen) my wife is very strict how it can be handled. It's a bit bulky anyway. I'm working on trying to get something a little more compact for my rides. Something that is very unique here that you may want to show all our viewers at home are all tea farms(?). They are something I have never seen before coming here.
I can totally sympathies with you with regard to those hills. They are like nothing I have never seen. I find that they never ease up until you get to the top. And they are always teasing you with each corner. When you think you're there; no, there's still more. But when you do make the summit, it always a scream coming back down. Something you also need to photograph is all those one-laners with open sewer/irrigation ditch on each side. Those are also really interesting to navigate. With regard to the schedule, I think our group is holing up for the winter. One guy is getting read for his Japanese proficiency exam and the other is involved with a "footy club", which commits a lot of his weekend time. I've asked around to find out what the weather is like for Nara during winter. I get the impression that gets cold mostly with occasional snow that does not last very long. I was curios what brought you to Japan.
Life in Japan - Tourist!GeoCyclist
Nov 15, 2003 12:31 AM
As you have probably surmised, from all the time I spend cycling, I don't work in Japan. My wife is a principal at an American High School, and I just live in Japan while on vacation. I get between five and six months a year of vacation, so when I'm home I cycle every chance I get. Looking at the elevation of Nara, and proximity to the Real mountains, I'm guessing the winter weather is more mild in Iwakuni. My riding buddies said they cycle year around. Apparently it's just having the right clothes to ride in the cold. I froze while cycling today, last time I'll be riding without the full length bibs. We just managed to squeeze in 60 km before it started to rain. I really wanted to get a ride in today before heading to Tokyo for a week without cycling.

If the winter weather in Nara is too extreme for cycling, you might want to come down to Yamaguchi for a ride? Anyway, keep in touch and maybe we can plan a ride for the spring!

Ride On!