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Anybody use a stairmaster in the off-season? X-Post Fitness(2 posts)

Anybody use a stairmaster in the off-season? X-Post FitnessSwat Dawg
Nov 13, 2003 9:26 PM
I have been looking at the stairmaster and remembering from my tennis days what a good workout it was for my quads, butt, and calves. How good would it be for developing strength and aerobic conditioning? It seems like the motion is very similar to standing out of the saddle. I'm intrigued because I have Morris, Friel and Burke's books and none of them mention it as an off-season option. Maybe it isn't useful, but it sure seems like it would be. Would you use it, maybe instead of a day or two of running?
I've used stairscyclopathic
Nov 14, 2003 8:26 AM
and loaded backpack when worked in building w/o gym. It was good workout, and you could do intervals too.

Keep in mind the main idea of cross training is to take you off the bike to prevent burn out; the best work out is still on the bike. I wouldn't care for it but if you hate/have scheduling issues with running and stairmaster makes you tick, you can get your HR into proper zone and don't go crazy doing 1-2hr workout, why not?