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Options for road/cross hybrid???(5 posts)

Options for road/cross hybrid???Vamoots
Nov 13, 2003 5:32 AM
I'm currently riding a 56cm Seven Odonata that fits like a glove. My wife and I would have literally scores of new loops to ride if we incorporated some dirt county maintained roads into our rides. I've been thinking more and more about a frame that would be light enough for fast club rides but would also work on the dirt with a change of wheels. I'm 58, a mountain biker, and ride road mainly for even though I currently have a sweet road frame, I'm flexible. My question is would a compromise work? Seems like I could get Moots or Seven to build me a cross bike with a lower BB (and the same TT and ST as my current frame) that would work both ways?? I'd have no use for the higher BB because I'd never be riding the bike off road -- just dirt roads and asphalt -- besides I wouldn't want the higher center of gravity for cornering. Being light, 135 pounds, I could also get the frame built lighter than most cross bikes. Any thoughts on such a project are much appreciated!
Some builders make bikes like this.dzrider
Nov 13, 2003 6:30 AM
Jeff Lyon, Steve Bilenky, Rivendell, Heron, Peter White all make bikes that are much like you describe as part of their niche business. Many have longer chain stays to accomodate larger tires which makes them closer to touring geometry. It's the style of bike I ride and enjoy for brevets, charity rides, shop rides and training. There is no doubt in my mind that it works well.
Nov 13, 2003 8:07 AM
I'm a die hard steel frame riding roadie that has never swung a leg over a MTB but I wanted to start riding more of the great logging roads and trails we have in my area during the winter. I was looking for an older steel road frame with lots of tire clearence to convert to a cross bike when my LBS took in a used Kona Jake the Snake. Aluminum, Frame, stupid name,lame graphics, and Shimano compontents, exact opposite of what I want in a bike. But after a couple of rides I cannot say enough about what a great frame this is and what a perfect all around bike it's turned out to be. With Ritchey Speed Max tires it easily cruises on pavement at 20+ (actually rides better than most road tires on rough chip seal), and I've been tearing up the muddy red clay climbs, and the easier single track we have. The bike has very racy geometry, incredible acceleration, and for aluminum, I feel a pretty forgiving ride. Best of all they're dirt cheap (even if you have to buy a new one). Complete bike for less than a frameset would cost for custom steel. No guilt in thrashing this thing and hanging it up wet. Great fun!
if you're looking for the nice priceChazWicked
Nov 13, 2003 2:48 PM
check out the surly and lemond cross bikes. an excellent cost/value proposition. If you want to throw some $$$ at the problem, have Brent Steelman build you up something swank. Then again, the ti guys (moots/seven) could probably go a touch lighter with ti. What I *strongly* recommend is that you find a cross bike to borrow so you can experience the higher BB. I don't think you'll be as wobbly as you might invision.

have fun... cross rules
re: Options for road/cross hybrid???Heavyhammer
Nov 13, 2003 6:53 PM
Are you looking for frames for both you and your wife? Just curious. Your idea of approaching Moots or Seven sound workable. Lots of other choices too depending on your taste and regional bias.
I am picking up my new all-purpose bike tomorrow. Salsa Las Cruces Scandium AL(2.7lbs approx) with Veloce triple and Campy Scirroco wheelset. My odometer clicks over to 50 years next week and I am selling my mountain bike. Time to get serious about pavement and hills. Roads are narrow and it rains alot here sometimes.
I'll post a review with pix after I have formed an opinion.

Good luck!