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Ebay there software that allows one to...(18 posts)

Ebay there software that allows one to...Djudd
Nov 12, 2003 7:30 PM
find what a bidder's maximum bid is? I ask because several times dealing with a particular seller I've made a bid a day or two before the item closes, my initial bid is the highest bid and it is way below my max bid. At the last minute one bidder comes in and bids right to my max bid but not over it. Thus I pay my max bid to win the auction. If an unscrupulous seller had the highest bidder's max bid he could get someone to bid right up to the highest bidder's limit but not over to get the most for his item. Highly unfair. Is there such software or is it just coincidence? Has anyone else run into this problem?
Ebay has Q and A forums for this....russw19
Nov 12, 2003 7:50 PM
But no, it's called Proxy Bidding. If I place a bid on an item that opens at $5 but I put a max bid of $80 on it, then you come along and bid $100, your bid will show up at $80 plus what the bid increment is. So if the bidding goes up by the whole dollar, your bid will show up at $81. If I next come back and bid $110, my bid will show up at $101.

Now what you may not be noticing is if a bidder is testing your max with small increments of bids. They could come along and big $30. Ebay will tell them they have been outbid. So they add $10 and bid $40, outbid, add $10 and bid $50, outbid... and so forth until they just out bid you by $1 at $81. If you look when the auction ends you will see a person's same ID with like 8 or 9 bids on it if they did that. The point of the auction is to outbid the other guy... if you do, you win.

There are a few sellers on Ebay who would have more than one user ID and bid up their own auctions, but if they got caught doing that, they would lose that ID. I am sure it happens as Ebay is ripe with scams, but if you pay attention to your auctions you are bidding on, you can tell if that happens.

The thing about ebay that you have to get in your head is a sense of what the maximum you will pay for an item is. Put a number in your head and just make that your high bid amount. If it goes over that, walk away. It seems that no matter how rare some stuff is, it will always show back up on Ebay. If you are a serious collector of bike stuff, ebay is not a place you should be looking for that stuff anyways. You will be getting ripped off in the long run. But if you are looking for a good deal and are smart enough to walk away from items that aren't so such good deals after the price reaches a certain amount, then you will be fine and eventually find a bargin on there.

Your last paragraph is right on the money...biknben
Nov 13, 2003 8:26 AM
I'm an occasional eBayer. I've bought and sold a couple grand in merchandise. My feedback is still in the single digits. One thing I'm realizing is that you have to change your mentality when using eBay. Do a little research and decide the highest price you are willing to pay for an item. Like you wrote, "If it goes above that, just walk away." It's strange how you can feel compelled to bid "just one more dollar".

I used to go there when I "needed" stuff. This added to the angst when bidding. Because I needed the item, I was willing to bid higher than I should have. I still got deals but they weren't always good enough to justify the time spent on eBay.

Now, I just go there for Misc. stuff. Products I know I like and will need at some point in the future. I have developed a preference for the eBay Stores. There are many good deals to be found and you don't have to deal with random auctions/eBayers. The stores offer a more secure transaction and they set the "buy it now" at only a couple bucks more than the other auctions.

I'm currently hunting for a couple x-mas presents for family. I've got plenty of time and I'm setting my max. bid a little low. I'm hoping, that eventually, I'll score and save myself some big bucks. eBay is much better to deal with this way.

Sorry for the tangent rambling. What you wrote struck a cord with me.
Yup. Be prepared to pay your maximum bid, happens alot. nmSpunout
Nov 13, 2003 4:59 AM
I think...hirevR
Nov 13, 2003 7:06 AM
..that this poster is asking about a software program that allows another ebayer to "see" the current maximum bid that would only be known to the original bidder and only be seen in that bidder's "my ebay" buying folder. Then, this other ebayer, waits until the closing seconds to bid the exact price of the highest bidders maximum bid, forcing the auction to end at that price rather than at a lower price. b/c the matching max bid would be "matching but not exceeding" the current highest bidder would win the auction at his/her max bid. it is a curious inquiry. i've never thought about it b.c it has never happened to me. but i would say that if an seller would be able to access your "my ebay" area and see you max bid, they would have access to this information. there are also a few of features on ebay that exist that are not easily found that may allow an seller to see this information for the explicit use of something other than forcing you to pay your top dollar, and they're just misusing it. huh.
I've known of bidders who....import silvia
Nov 13, 2003 8:07 AM
Use a trash id to find the current high bidders max price then retract that bid and decide if they want to out bid them.

Here's how it works:
assuming bidders B1, B2 and T1 (B2 & T1 are owned by ther same person)

B1 is the current high bidder with a max proxy bid of $100 but the auction is only at $65.
T1 places a huge proxy bid of $1000, the auction would then go to $101, $1 dollor over the next highest bidders max proxy bid.
T1's bid is then retracted and the auction goes back down to $65, but now the owner of T1 also knows B1's mav bid and can use B2 to bid accordingly.
That's why IMel Erickson
Nov 13, 2003 9:07 AM
Snipe. I won't bid on an item until the last minute of the auction. First I get to see if the item has gone past the maximum I'm willing to pay. If so, I walk away. Second, it reduces the chance that someone doing just what you describe will succeed. I've had good success getting what I want at a fair price. You have to have patience and be willing to set a price and stick to it to get what you want for what you want to pay.
another sniper heretarwheel
Nov 13, 2003 10:31 AM
I rarely ever buy anything on eBay without sniping. If you place a bid ahead of time, you are certain to get outbid -- or have the price bid up. Like Mel, I keep items I'm interested in on my watch page, then I check them close to the end of the bidding period. If the price is still within my range, I place a bid within the last 60 seconds, set at the max I am willing to pay. I probably win 75% of the auctions I participate in, and never pay more than what I consider a fair price.

What amazes me is the stuff you see on eBay that gets bid up to prices higher than you could buy retail. You have no warranty and little protection against getting ripped off when buying on eBay, so I rarely ever pay more than 50% of retail price for stuff I bid on.
sniper x3Dave Hickey
Nov 13, 2003 10:41 AM
I don't see any reason to bid until the last minute. Bidding early is just driving up the price. I buy alot on Ebay and like Mel and Tar, my watch page is full but I only bid in the last 30 seconds.
sniper x4shakyfish
Nov 13, 2003 11:36 AM
Only way to eBAy..
Snipers, I'm new to ebay, so please explain....JFR
Nov 13, 2003 12:06 PM
How can you snipe an auction from me if my max bid is higher than yours?

As long as I bid my true max amount, why does it matter when I bid it. Either you pay more than what I'm willing to pay, or you don't and I win. I don't get how the timing of a max bid makes a difference.

What am I missing?

You're correctDave Hickey
Nov 13, 2003 12:42 PM
But by sniping, if I exceed your maximum bid, you don't have time to respond if you want to go higher. As you said, if it's your true maiximum bid, than I'm willing to pay more. Another thing with Ebay, if you put in a maximum bid of $400 and you end up losing the auction to a bidder that won at $405, it doesn't mean that was the winners maximum bid. I hear many people say, I lost by only $5, when in reality the winning bidders max bid could have been $800
phew, thanks....JFR
Nov 13, 2003 2:37 PM
Yeah, I figured out right away that losing an auction by a $1 is just a result of the max bid feature and that the winning bidder may have a much higher max bid.

So I just figure out what my max is and that's it, I sit back and wait. Sadly however, I've lost each of the few acutions I've bid on... and several by just a dollar at the end. I guess my max's have been close, but not high enough. I fear that in some cases, the winning bidder really is just barely beating my max and that if I had submitted my max at the close of auction, I might have won.

I think I'll give sniping a try.
But.................Dave Hickey
Nov 13, 2003 3:01 PM
If you're putting your max bid in advance, you might be driving up the price. You'll see a lot of activity in the final 10 minutes of an auction. If people keep getting out bid because of your max bid, they keep bidding higher.

Like you, I have my maximum price in my mind. I just wait until the final 30 seconds to submit my max bid.
thanks Dave -----nmJFR
Nov 13, 2003 5:21 PM
Yup, like thisMel Erickson
Nov 13, 2003 3:24 PM

Used Campy Daytona shift/brake levers went for $152 (no cables or housing).

You can buy brand new 2004 Centaur shift/brake levers WITH cables and housing for $129 at Cambria.
it's a conspiracy....desmo
Nov 13, 2003 9:34 AM
not. although I'm sure a program like that could be written I really doubt it's what's happening here. I think it's more of a case of most people have a similar idea of what the price should be/what they want to pay for a particular item. a lot of people bid in whole numbers and lose auctions by mere pennies. if there is any scam going on I'd agree with previous posters that it would be "stink" bids by the seller or friend of seller chipping away at your bid. to eliminate that happening, snipe at the end or use sniping software so you don't have to be around at the end. that also keeps you locked into your max price, which as stated before is the only smart way to buy on ebay. FWIW, a person I know who's a programming wiz claims to have worked out a program that would block bids, which would be a deadly scam for buyers! May or may not be true, but he sez he would never use it as the legal penalties if caught could be severe and most likely outweigh the savings on goods bought.
Bid at the last min and then they won't have time for any tricksLC
Nov 13, 2003 10:21 AM
a fake id, and a high bid that is retracked is all they need to find out what your bid is. This does take quite a bit of time to pull off, so don't give them that time.