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yo EGGSHELL(3 posts)

yo EGGSHELLJS Haiku Shop
Nov 11, 2003 9:36 PM
see you sunday?

no 'cross bike?

bring your mtb!

no mtb?

bring your camera!

no camera?

bring your eye/s!

would dig meeting you.

look for fat guy on 'cross bike with winter beard.


ps: shelby farms amphitehater 9 am sunday
re: yo EGGSHELLeggshell
Nov 12, 2003 10:23 AM
going backpacking(my other and significantly less expensive hobby)this weekend.I would also like to meet up with you guys and let you pull me around Shelby Farms! When's the next 'cross ride?? On the 'cross topic,do you think a Trek 2100,carbon with alum. lugs, could be converted to a cross bike? I don't know how much abuse the frame will take.If the Trek isn't worthy, I'm thinking of converting an old Schwinn steel to cross and will need some input and help with conversion. Maybe I can pick you brilliant and knowlegable brainfor ideas at the next 'cross ride. Can you forward the next Sheby Farms date?
re: yo EGGSHELLJS Haiku Shop
Nov 13, 2003 6:23 PM
sunday this week is the last shelby farms race. next weekend i think is the state champs on mud island. weekend after (2 wks from now) is the start of my series at lakeland park. lotsa prizes, trophies, maybe cash awards for 1st place each class.

not sure on the 2100. if there aren't canti bosses (posts on the seat stays and front fork) for canti or v-brakes, or it's not built for long-reach calipers, it's probably not suitable for 'cross. there may be adapters, i'm not sure.

there are plenty of folks in the group who would jump at the chance to help you if you had a six pack of pabst blue ribbon (ok, actually any $9/6 beverage) to offer. unfortunately it will probably cost you nearly 1/2 as much to convert as buying a brand new 'crosser, which will payoff down the road.


check the thursday 5:30 PM GPAC rides if you want to hook-up. bring lights and reflective gear. i'll be the one on the surly steamroller riding fixed in the dark.