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Vacation, had to get away. Ride report part 2.(32 posts)

Vacation, had to get away. Ride report part 2.MB1
Nov 11, 2003 6:42 PM
Since we had already met our main goal for the ride (Big Sur) it was time for some fun. From Morro Bay we headed inland to Paso Robles and the wine country of Central California. The weather had finally cooled down; it had been in the 90's for the first 4 days of our trip. It had gotten windy too but it was nice to cool down.

Here we are heading up Old Creek on our way to visit some of my favorite climbs in the area, Old Creek, Santa Rosa Creek and York Mountain.
Wine Country.MB1
Nov 11, 2003 6:45 PM
The mix of farms during our ride amazed Miss M. We passed ripe pumpkins and squash next to apples, strawberries and salad greens not to mention all the grapes.

After a morning of climbing it is time to visit some wineries (not to mention the tasting rooms!).
That’s what I’m talking about.MB1
Nov 11, 2003 6:48 PM
The last few times I visited Paso Robles it wasn't all that fancy. There wasn't any problem getting a burger and fries but if you wanted much else you had to get out of town.

It seems like all the new wineries are attracting a better class of visitor. There were lots of interesting places to eat; we chose a French Bakery. We shared a small lunch, great salmon soup, sliced lamb on French bread and pomme frits.

The wine was pretty good too.
Nov 11, 2003 11:00 PM
Some time back the kid and I spent a day or two in Paso Robles. Nice place. We ate at a small fine dining joint on the east side of the street near the south end of town. What a treat! I can still taste the prime rib and glass of red. There was a three piece band and the sun was just setting. We also found a great winery called Mastantuano. Some of the best Zins come from this area. I spoke with the winemaker there and he said the peppery flavor I liked from these Zins was due to the Walnut grove proximity. Something about the soil etc...

About the sunburn...I agree, now you know why I ride with that goofy long shirt all the time,(and sunscreen) especially at our elevations (4500-7000 typical, up to 8500 occasionally) I would wager it to be 40% more critical to do so. Can you say cripsy critter?

Morro bay area is wonderful. You really enjoyed a treat with that great clear day you encountered near LA. What a great ride. I'm envious, my work season is here and it's 14-16 hr days for a while, sigh...

Thanks for the pics, now I can only live vicariously through the bike board ;-)

Let me be the first to say...kevinacohn
Nov 11, 2003 6:48 PM
...I'm jealous of everyone who can ride in the sun year round...
You must be new around these partsScot_Gore
Nov 11, 2003 7:00 PM

Block out a hour or four and search MB1 in the archives. You'll find that in sun, rain, snow, injury, mega distance, whatever......MB1 and wife are on the bike and riding.

It's a good read, I promise.

Have fun : )

Well awarekevinacohn
Nov 11, 2003 9:12 PM
I'm well aware that people ride all year long... so do I, and I live in New York/Pittsburgh. I'm just saying that I wish I always had great weather like that to ride...
Well awareRob01
Nov 12, 2003 11:15 AM
Hi! I'm new to the boards here - just thought I'd share my winter ride yesterday..

Was originally going to a 100miler, but 12 miles in the wind changed and picked-up dramatically. (Was a nice Westerly, changed to North-east) - temperature dropped to below 0 Celcius in a hurry. By the time we were 15 miles along we'd decided to cut it at about 30 miles - stopped to call and let our ride back know that we weren't going to need it, and they informed us that there was a huge snow-storm moving in. We got back to the car just before it hit - ended up doing 26 miles in FREEZING weather. Wish I had pics, frozen lakes, snow-capped mountains, freezing bikers...

So you know, I live in South-west Alberta, Canada. I know what you mean when you say you wish you had warm weather all year.
Old Creek Road Reservoir.MB1
Nov 11, 2003 6:50 PM
After an afternoon visiting tasting rooms clouds rolled in as we cruised back to Morro Bay. Passing the Cayucos reservoir the sun broke through for a moment illuminating the ocean beyond the edge of the reservoir.
Nov 11, 2003 6:54 PM
We got an early start Wednesday from Morro Bay on our way south to Lompoc. The sun was directly in our face as we headed up the valley.

With all the climbs we did the last couple of days I was feeling a little crushed from trying to keep up with Miss M. I figured the BOB should slow her down a bit and give me a rest.
Fruits and NutMB1
Nov 11, 2003 6:58 PM
We just had to take advantage of all the strawberries growing along the road. We stopped at a fruit stand at Oceano to pick some up.

Miss M (an east coaster forever) still couldn't get over finding fresh strawberries in October, "It just isn't right". She sure loved the way they tasted though.
So much for that plan.MB1
Nov 11, 2003 7:01 PM
Sure, the BOB trailer slowed Miss M down a little bit going up hills so I could keep up with her-even get ahead of her once in a while.

The downhills were another story; I had to chase her all the way to Lompoc.
That’s what’s missing.MB1
Nov 11, 2003 7:05 PM
It wasn't until we were riding out of Lompoc Friday morning that I realized what I found so strange about riding in Southern California. I had been living back East for so long I had forgotten that there were really no trees in So Cal to speak of.

Sure there was an occasional Live Oak as we cruised through the valleys or a line of Eucalyptus trees at the edge of a field but there wasn't much shade and we were getting sunburned big-time. Should have started wearing sun block a lot sooner.
Wet Santa Barbara.MB1
Nov 11, 2003 7:10 PM
The Friday forecast called for rain. Actually rain was going to be pretty good for us (and California). We were getting a little worried about riding into all the smoke and fires in So Cal, the rain was likely going to help put out the fires and clear the air.

We had hoped to make it to Ojai before the rain started but it started coming down pretty hard just as we cleared Santa Barbara. After a while we got to be uncomfortably wet and since we were on vacation we decided to stop in Carpinteria. It turned out to be the right decision since the area got more than 2" of rain that evening.
Coming into Los Angeles.MB1
Nov 11, 2003 7:12 PM
Fridays rain made for incredibly clear skies Saturday morning. As we headed down the coast towards Ventura the Channel Islands seemed close enough to touch. This was going to be one of the prettiest riding days we have ever had.
The LA Basin.MB1
Nov 11, 2003 7:16 PM
Riding along the Malibu coast we could really see that LA is in a basin. We could see all the way from the first skyscrapers in Santa Monica to the Santa Ana Mountains behind Orange County.
Venice Beach.MB1
Nov 11, 2003 7:24 PM
Just before Santa Monica we started riding on the beach bike paths. Fortunately for us the paths were fairly empty even though it was a beautiful day. When we got to Venice Beach Miss M got a little confused and started riding on the sidewalks-they were crowded with everything and everyone that makes Venice famous.

We quickly exited the sidewalks and continued our merry way south on the bike paths.
Marina Del Rey.MB1
Nov 11, 2003 7:20 PM
When we left LA a week previously the fog, smog and smoke was so thick we really saw very little. Today we could enjoy the full beauty of our ride.
Marina Del Rey.Tower
Nov 11, 2003 8:25 PM
Bar end shifter?
Small hands. nmMB1
Nov 12, 2003 9:47 AM
now I know why she is so strong!!! 8-)))kfatschor
Nov 12, 2003 8:19 PM
All good things must end sometime.MB1
Nov 11, 2003 7:27 PM
When we exited the beach and headed inland to the airport it was easy to tell that our beautiful adventure was coming to the end.

Before flying out Sunday night we visited my folks in Orange County and rode in my old stomping grounds. It sucked. Cars everywhere. Still it was a great vacation, in 9 days of vacation we rode 4 centuries and nearly 800 miles.

We are already planning our next trip-8 centuries in 8 days on our fixties in Florida during the Christmas and New Years.
Great Vacation, thanks for the storyScot_Gore
Nov 11, 2003 7:34 PM
My wife was in Burbank the same time you were on vacation. Her trip was so impacted by the fires that I thought about you a number of times and hoped things were going well. Glad to see it all came together for you after the bad luck earlier this year.

Hugs and kisses to Miss M from all of us at RBR.

Great ride report, as always...PdxMark
Nov 11, 2003 8:07 PM
Nice photos and comments. Glad the trip went so well. We have some nice rides here in Oregon you ought to consider for next time.
The Pacific Northwest is on our wish list.MB1
Nov 12, 2003 4:58 AM
As is just about everywhere in the world. I've got family in Corvalis and Seattle and I have ridden all over the area. Miss M started her cross county ride from Seattle and that is the limit of her experience with the Northwest.

We could probably put together a nice loop ride. Someday.
If it were anyone else blithely speaking of 8 centuriesThe Walrus
Nov 12, 2003 9:24 AM
in 8 days--on fixies--a couple of months after an 800-miler out here, I'd be tempted to warm up the flamethrower. In your case, though, I once again salute you!

Great report, as always.

I'm thinking you ought to get in touch with GeoCyclist and see about hooking up for a tour of Japan--you
i are
always looking for new places to ride, and your reports would make the rest of us suicidally jealous.
Miss M decided on fixtes otherwise it would be too easy.MB1
Nov 12, 2003 9:46 AM
Sounds good to me.
Miss M decided on fixtes otherwise it would be too easy. LOL!The Walrus
Nov 12, 2003 12:23 PM
Now I feel like such a slacker. I'd better drag the single-speed out and spend the afternoon doing hill climbs...
We're talking about Florida here. nmMB1
Nov 12, 2003 12:43 PM
Good source of bike routes around SLO area?fracisco
Nov 12, 2003 10:22 AM
Do you have a reference for good bike routes (e.g. the climbs you mention in the lead in for this series of photos) in the SLO/Central Coast area?
I've ridden around there a lot so I didn't need routes.MB1
Nov 12, 2003 10:49 AM
You could try Cambria Bike Outfitters or do a web search for shops in the area.
Good source of bike routes around SLO area?snapdragen
Nov 12, 2003 8:07 PM
Try this site, the Southeast of San Jose - especially the Paso Robles rides. Alot of these are from the Great Western Bike Rally.