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110mm BCD crankset?(10 posts)

110mm BCD crankset?PmbH
Nov 11, 2003 12:02 PM
Does anyone make a crankset with 110mm BCD other than the FSA carbon ones? I see the occasional 110/74, but I'm looking for 110 double.
check rivendell. Its a sugino so it may not havelonebikeroftheapocalypse
Nov 11, 2003 12:42 PM
the chichi factor you may be looking for. I hear there are more on the way from other manufacturers soon.
Riv's Sugino XD(?) is fine, and I think they have a TA, tooCory
Nov 11, 2003 4:29 PM
I put Riv's basic Sugino (I think it's the XD) on my Atlantis w/46-36-26 rings, and I love it. Looks fine, and who cares anyway as long as it works? I haven't checked the catalog lately, but if you want more zoot, I think they also have a TA and a Ritchey. Grant used to push a Ritchey DOUBLE with that BCD, too.
re: 110mm BCD crankset?Sean008
Nov 11, 2003 12:59 PM
Sheldon Brown's site has several options.
re: 110mm BCD crankset?cyclopathic
Nov 11, 2003 1:04 PM
check Sugino and Ritchey they used to come in "compact" road.
re: 110mm BCD crankset?The Walrus
Nov 11, 2003 1:33 PM
Schwab Cycles has the TA Syrius cyclocross crankset (with 48/34 rings) for $260, and the FSA Carbon Compact (with 50/34 rings for $300 (as well as the Sugino, which is considerably less spendy).

Or, if you happen across one, Shimano used to make an RSX double crankset (supplied with 46/36 rings); maybe not the most stylish item, but strong and perfectly functional.
Quite a few do.Alexx
Nov 11, 2003 3:02 PM
The 110 BCD size is standard for touring bikes, hybrids, and even some ATB's use it. Of course, some of these are going to be a lot stouter than you probably need.
re: 110mm BCD crankset?dotkaye
Nov 11, 2003 3:12 PM
You could probably use a MTB crankset and just not mount the 74 ring.. I'm thinking of trying this, surely I can find a cheap used MTB crankset somewhere.. I'm with you, the FSA Compact crankset is a good idea but a bit pricey.
Don't forget Peter Whitecoonass
Nov 11, 2003 4:44 PM
re: 110mm BCD crankset?MShaw
Nov 11, 2003 5:10 PM
Cambria has some AC crankarms that you can put a 110mm adaptor on... I've looked at them, they seem very nice (XTR quality)