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Arm/Leg Warners: are they all the same?(12 posts)

Arm/Leg Warners: are they all the same?pedalAZ
Nov 10, 2003 9:19 AM
I'd like to get some, but wondered if there were any standout products available.
same? No, one is for arms, other for legswspokes
Nov 10, 2003 9:25 AM
Seriously though...there are some different types out there. I have Cannondale ones that are a lycra like stretch material. They are Ok for mild weather but there are some other types that mix lycra with merino wool or wool which are more suited for cooler or cold weather. I have found that some stanfield wool shirts from Sierra TP with a jersey over them can handle some pretty cool temps.
i've worn arm warmers on my legs..._rt_
Nov 10, 2003 1:36 PM
so they kinda are the same for me.


rt <-----skinny legs
Lucky! ;) nmwspokes
Nov 11, 2003 4:41 AM
REI vs. Pearl Izumidgangi
Nov 10, 2003 9:26 AM
I just purchased some arm warmers at REI on Friday for the MS150 ride this weekend. With the morning temps in the 40's, boy was I glad that I purchased them!!

Anyway, REI carried two different brands: REI (house brand) and Pearl Izumi. I tried them both and purchased the REI arm warmers because they felt like they were better built -- elastic felt stronger and the stitching around the wrist was cleaner. The fabric on both felt like it was the same weight. They were both 100% polyester. And they both had the same washing care. And the price difference was significant: $20 for REI and $36 for Pearl Izumi.

Not sure if that helps or not. But you might visit the REI in Paradise Valley and see what you think.

PI Arm Warmersms
Nov 10, 2003 9:46 AM
I am not familiar with the REI house brand, but I can comment on the PI arm warmers. I bought a pair three years ago and recommend them highly. They keep my arms warm, stay in place (unlike my knee warmers) and look like new notwithstanding many machine washings and dryings.
DeFeet. De best. IMHOKG 361
Nov 10, 2003 9:42 AM
Their arm warmers are the best I've seen-haven't tried the leg warmers but I'll bet they're good, too.
DeFeet. De best i'eve tried all the rest.uraqt
Nov 10, 2003 9:57 AM
They are the best, made with no seems, and it makes a big deal. i bought one pair 3 years ago and they still look new, i live in ca so i use they 4 months a year. Worth every penny.
Defeet? Don't like 'emgregario
Nov 10, 2003 10:04 AM
I have a pair of Defeet arm warmers and I don't like them. Unless they've changed the fabric since I bought them a couple years ago they feel like you don't have anything on your arms. Kind of hard to keep your arms warm that way.
Keep my arms warm and toasty.KG 361
Nov 10, 2003 10:44 AM
Obviously, you have issues =)
Agree about DeFeetinnergel
Nov 10, 2003 1:57 PM
I picked up two pairs on sale from for about $6.50 each and they are awesome. They work very well with the temps into the 40's. Mine are two years old and look brand new.
Rivendell WoolyWarm work great for meCory
Nov 10, 2003 8:40 PM
Riv sells merino wool arm and leg warmers. I'm sort of a wool sissy, but my wife got me a pair of the arm warmers, and they're pretty neat. Lots o' colors, feel good on and they fit in a pocket when you take them off. Don't have the catalog in front of me to give the price, but they're somewhere above cheap ones but below spun gold.