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Cassette recommendation for this Saturday's RBR...(7 posts)

Cassette recommendation for this Saturday's RBR...Juanmoretime
Nov 10, 2003 9:09 AM
St Louis ride. I usually ride a 11-23, would a 12-25 or a 13-26 be better for the climbs? I don't mind toughing it out if it's realistic, what is everyone else using?
re: Cassette recommendation for this Saturday's RBR...funknuggets
Nov 10, 2003 10:44 AM
sheeshe, believe me, there are no category type climbs. I would think that people in generally decent shape would be fine with a 11-23... but I guess to be safe and if you are actually WORRIED about the gearing in the midwest... then go with the 12-25. But as a native of the state, and a hopeful participant in Saturday's festivities (50/50 right now), I am not changing my rear, which has 11-23
re: Cassette recommendation for this Saturday's RBR...Juanmoretime
Nov 10, 2003 11:16 AM
Thanks for the information. I wasn't worried although when Vindicator was describing weaving back and forth in climbs I was thinking maybe I should ask. I've done major climbs in my 11-23, it's not the length sometimes it's the steepness that gets to you. I just use my existing cassette.
I'm a gear wussvindicator
Nov 10, 2003 12:04 PM
I run a triple with a 12-27 in back and usually spin up most of these hills (sometimes in 42-24 or 42-27, but often in the triple), so I'm probably not the best guide for those who muscle up at lower rpm in bigger gears.

I will say that the slowest it seems to get for "good Cat V" type riders is about 6 mph near the top of what I think is the worst hill. I don't know how may rpm a 39-23 at 6 mph gives you, but if you can do that, you should be fine without gearing down. Or, if you're more of a Cat 3 type, then figure an extra couple of mph.

I don't remember mentioning weaving (though I'm not saying I didn't). I will say that these are not the kind of hills that one can only get up by weaving. I consider them steep, but I and everyone I've ridden with climbs them in a straight line. And that includes all the guys who run a double chainring (though I don't know what cassettes they run).


My Gear PlansIndurain 03
Nov 10, 2003 1:36 PM
I run a double in front and am probably going with a 13-26 cassette in the rear for the ride. I have not ridden the area around Wild Horse Creek, but I would expect this combination to be O.K.
what the hell???funknuggets
Nov 10, 2003 2:10 PM
you guys are talking triples??? WTF? Are you serious. The steepest hill I recollect in "these here parts" is between 17 and 20%... exactly how long are these buggers to where you couldn't just stand and mash... but then again, St. Louis is like JC, which is like KC, which is like Washington, which is like Hermann... all river towns with lotsa bluff activity going on. Isn't that what we are talking here?

Branson area is the exception.
As I said in my message titlevindicator
Nov 10, 2003 3:31 PM
I'm a gear wuss. I admit it. I can live with the shame.

My gearing is much wimpier than 99% of the people I ride with. I have one bike, which I use for commuting, training, and racing. It has a triple on it, with a 12-27 in the rear. I like it because I can stay aerobic and stay above 90 rpm on just about any hill I want around here and if I want to go harder, I can always leave it in the 42. The only people I know with such wimpy gearing are much slower than me. Yet I often use the 42-27 and still use the 30 chainring from time to time (much less than a year ago, though).

There is no Angliru on this ride, but then I'm no Roberto Heras.

Most of the guys I ride with (Cat IV or Cat V types, or non-racers) run doubles. They all make it to the top of all these hills without weaving and without walking. But they often curse me as I go by them, or as they go by me, and I'm spinning or "dancing on the pedals" out of the saddle and they're standing and mashing.

I'm sure the Cat 1-2 guys out there climb them in 39-15 or something like that. I'm sure everyone who'll be joining us can make it up in a double. I could make them in a 39-23 if I had to. But I'm gonna be very happy I have my triple.

I don't think we'll be on anything exceeding 20% (probably not even approaching it, but estimating grades is not one of my skills) and we're not talking hills as long as those around Branson. We're talking a quarter mile to a half mile each for the big ones, so they're nothing a strong rider with good hill power can't handle in a 39-23. And we're not talking something like "3 state 3 mountain" or 6 gap where if you're overgeared you may as well just quit. The steepest hills don't make up any huge portion of the overall length of the ride so even if one suffers a bit because of gearing there's plenty of recovery. They just offer a bit of "spice" to make the meal that much more enjoyable.

In the end, it's just a matter of comfort and personal preference.