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when sorry is sorry and the odd ride report(1 post)

when sorry is sorry and the odd ride reportandy02
Nov 9, 2003 2:44 PM
First I am still having odd shifting problem in my right sti in this cold. It ranged from 28-34F over course of ride. I decided that I would try a friends advice and just use windtex socks (NW) instead of booties...bad move they were to cold at the start of the ride. Then on a narrow road in the middle of no where a truck pulled out and sung wide cutting me off. I bunny hoped off the road braked hard staying up right luckly. I was so pi$$ed that I jumpped in to my big ring and started chasing him to at least get his plate number but caught him at a stop sign. I went to the window to let him have it but before I could get a word out he said he was very sorry that he hadn't seen me and his friend yelled but it was to late. So what can you say no one was hurt. I am glad I stopped because I would have thought a lot worse of him if I hadn't stopped. Back to my, ride you would think that on a cold windy day only the hard core racers would be out least I would. Well the only people I saw were older (>60) and wearing parkas on confort bikes. I don't think I ever seen that many confort bikes in my life! odd very odd ride