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Sunday Ride With New SLK(2 posts)

Sunday Ride With New SLKMr Nick
Nov 9, 2003 12:25 PM
So after my Sunday ride I would agree with C-40 about this being a 2-3 hour saddle. I love everything about it except that my sitbones started to ache after awhile. The flatnesss of the saddle is really nice for moving around and easily getting in and out of the saddle. You are not stuck to one comfortable position on the flatter saddle, which is really nice for rough roads were you get bounced around a lot. Again I will say that the cut-out is amazing and I don't see how anyone rides without it. The only down side is that the lack of cushioning starts to cause the sitbones to be sore.

So now I have to make a decision on whether to keep the saddle. I am thinking about trying the Terry saddles. I believe someone posted that they are very similar in shape to the SLK, but they have more padding. If someone could compair the two that would be great because I would really love to find a saddle just like the SLK but with more cushion.
Try this...MVN
Nov 9, 2003 6:38 PM
After using 4 different saddles, I did some in depth research and measured my sit-bone width (whoda thunk to do that? lol). After having plumbing probs with Specialized and Koobi, I decided to try the Selle Italia TransAm MaxFlite GelFlow. I found a used one online and got it. Three months later I got another used one (used to be a college student on a budget, that's why I bought used). It is extremely comfortable for me. It has the cut out, which is padded with the gel and so is the sit bone area. It also has wing-flex, so there is no chafing. Three hour rides, no problem. It works for me, but it may not work for you. I read online at RBR to try this: Sit on a piece of cardboard like you are sitting on the curb, then measure between the indentations caused by your sit bones, and that's how wide your saddle should be. Any wider, and you may have chafing problems. Price Point has these saddles for $69.98. Hope that helps.

Good Luck