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My virginal cross experience. (X-post from cross board)(2 posts)

My virginal cross experience. (X-post from cross board)KG 361
Nov 9, 2003 11:58 AM
Rockville cross race, Marysville PA. I raced the men's C, 3 laps around the park. Started feeling pretty good, got dropped on the long start on pavement but caught a few riders up the steep incline going onto the main part of the course. Lots of loose dirt, a couple of steep, off camber turns, ended the 1st lap OK. It started warming up and things began to deteriorate-the frozen grass/dirt was now mud and having caliper brakes on the bike was not an advantage. Had to stop/slow down several times to clear the mud just so that I could move the front wheel. Once I cleared the mud I was able to make time on the hardpack/paved section. After 3 laps I was spent. Wound up next to last but that's OK-at least it wasn't DFL =) Had fun and I'll do it again, this time, hopefully with gears and a new front fork! (Did I mention that I did this SS?)
Some pics from the men's B race;KG 361
Nov 9, 2003 5:09 PM
Not in any particular order; just a few random shots. Mostly at the top of a wall that we climbed 3 times;