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Racing tire suggestion for new race wheels?(7 posts)

Racing tire suggestion for new race wheels?ozusa
Nov 9, 2003 2:08 AM
After 15 years of recreational racing, I've purchased my first set of race wheels, a pair of Ksyrium Elites. I've never paid much attention to any feature of my tires other than durability up until now. For these wheels, though, I'd like to put on some really quick tires, as I'll only be using them on race days. I rode a Continental Supersonic once, and I was quite impressed. Some friends have suggested Veloflex Corsas. I'm not too concerned with durability.

My races are mostly road races with the occasional short time trial or crit. Any suggestions?

mich pro race!andy02
Nov 9, 2003 8:16 AM
I love the mich pro race with ultra light tubes. You should hang the wheels when not in use and check air pressure before every ride because light tubes lose air over time.

Also try brontragers triple prot tire for training. they are about $30 or less and ride close (i stress close) to the pro race for handling. they are on the heavy side but hold up for at least 4000 pot hole driven miles (I know because thats how many I have on mine and they are still good tires)

Brontr race light and cont supersonics are also nice but wear faster.
No offense to the other postfiltersweep
Nov 9, 2003 3:59 PM
But I'd go with Veloflex- they make Pro Races feel like riding on garden hoses.
garden hoses stuffed with rocks.collinsc
Nov 9, 2003 8:51 PM
Agreed, Veloflex all the way.
Nov 9, 2003 10:14 PM
I race on pro-race's because I also train on them during the season and they are an excellent compromise between performance and durability. Based on my experience with veloflex criterium sew-ups, I'd race on their clinchers in a heartbeat if I were in your position. But I've heard the supersonics are nice, and I would have to agree basec on a parking lot test ride on a strange bike and wheels. Grippy, light, and very fast, but as is typical with all Continental tires, probably not as smooth as veloflex. The supersonics are lighter and probably less rolling resistance but I would imagine also more likely to flat in a dirty crit course or road race than the veloflexes. Don't think you can go wrong with either.
Michelin Pro Light is also pretty smooth nm.divve
Nov 10, 2003 2:45 AM
Another Vote for VeloFlex...spc15
Nov 10, 2003 8:48 AM
....I would also agree that they make Pro Races feel like garden hoses....Heavier, less grip, stamped out by a machine. You sometimes get ones which are out of round which is a bummer too....