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Weekend Poll(7 posts)

Weekend Pollgeorge_da_trog
Nov 8, 2003 10:37 PM
What's the furthest you've ridden your road rig on dirt. Cross doesn't count.

Just finished a quick 40 mile loop that included a 15 mile section of dirt road. The section that may end up on a road race course next season.

Man that was fun.

One mile of loose gravel.Spoke Wrench
Nov 9, 2003 5:58 AM
One of our regular rides around here includes about a one mile gravel spur to a ferry crossing that I DO NOT find enjoyable. There's a railroad crossing on that piece of road too.
re: 3KMhudsonite
Nov 9, 2003 6:27 AM
One of favorite training loops includes a three KM section of dirt road. It is very hard packed and easy to ride on. It is a long hill, with a grade of 7%. As long as it is not wet, it really is enjoyable. Cars are rare and you get to use the entire road. There are some pot holes, but if you are attentive, they are easily avoided. The nicest thing about the road is the rural feel about it. Lots of trees and horse stables.

Yesterday's ride it was -8C (17f), the dirt was hard as rock. As easy to ride on as pavement.

It is one of my favorite rides.
2 Miles on dirt & gravel...bent_spoke
Nov 9, 2003 9:24 AM
This summer I put together a xConnecticut tour & making my maps from MS Streets & Trips I used the shortest route which puts me on this un-improved road. I felt like I was heading to a campground or something. The gravel made the back wheel spins so I had to keep forward to avoid trouble. Also it threated to rain which would have been a disaster.

The best part was this lady stopping me for "directions" while we're in the middle of the woods. I told her that I wasn't from the area & she goes ..."are you from Manhattan". I had to laugh...I guess there are too many "weekenders" buying up western CT (oh to be rich & afford a country estate & a Colnago...maybe when I hit lotto).
10+ miles many times--that's one reason I bought an AtlantisCory
Nov 9, 2003 12:28 PM
I live just a mile from the Toiyabe National Forest, which connects three miles up a dirt road to the Tahoe National Forest. There are hundreds of miles of dirt roads and trails all through there, with connections to pavement at several points. The ride to, say, the Sierra Valley (Sierraville/Portola area) is close to 60 miles on pavement, but half that if you cut across on the fire roads. I ride my mountain bike up there all the time, but one reason I got an Atlantis was that, with 35mm tires, I can do loops that include both the nat forest and some of the prettiest paved roads in northern California.
40 miles--30 mm tires @ 90psig, no problem except dirty bike nmContinental
Nov 9, 2003 4:57 PM
re: Weekend Pollaliensporebomb
Nov 9, 2003 8:32 PM
This past summer. I did a 63 miler and 10 of those was on a
dirt segment. I'll say that I'm a lot more comfortable on my
mountain bike on that kind of terrain but my MTB experience
made it do-able and it was fun to see the looks on the faces
of the dirt riders like I was INSANE when I went riding by.