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IS THIS THE BEST REYNOLDS 853 DEAL EVER?? I think so(13 posts)

IS THIS THE BEST REYNOLDS 853 DEAL EVER?? I think soferrantee
Nov 8, 2003 6:04 AM
I just found a dealer that has the Fuji Marseille on sale for $995 -- which I think is just crazy. Reynolds 853 frame, carbon fork with carbon streerer, Ultegra der's, shifters and brakes, Ritchey Pro wheels, crank, stem, bar, post, -- TI railed seat, and very low weight; 18 lbs. I have been thinking its time to upgrade my old 531 bike -- I guess this is the clue.
Has anyone else got this bike? Ever seen a deal like this? Could there be something wrong with it? It is a 2003 model; but I am not concerned about that (since it is still brand new)
re: Only a deal if it fits (nm)Mike Prince
Nov 8, 2003 6:37 AM
Nov 8, 2003 7:01 AM
Check to see if it has the 1 1/8 headset. Rode an older model with a 1" headset and felt it was squirelly. Also, the Ritchey wheels are only so so, but you can always upgrade them later. for that price you could be happy with the frame and ultegra.
1" Headsetfiltersweep
Nov 8, 2003 7:12 AM
Could you explain the physics behind why a 1" headset could feel "squirrely" (or rather "squirelly" if you prefer). I really don't see how this affects the geometry of the handling/steering. I could see it affecting stiffness, but even so- 1/8" isn't all that much.
1" Headsetlyleseven
Nov 8, 2003 12:58 PM
All the newer bikes are going with 1 1/8" headset. As to stiffness, it probably makes more difference than handling, but I have ridden Fuji bikes with a 1" headset and felt it was squirely. Maybe it was the stem, but it definitely did not have the same feel as the bike with the larger headset.
Headset/wheels on this bike are finecollectorvelo
Nov 8, 2003 8:14 AM
First, no one would notice the ride difference (if any) on 1" vs 1-1/8" haedset on a properly built steel roadbike (most are 1" just like this Fuji)
Next - The Ritchey Pro wheels on this bike are very good wheels (I certainly think better than the house brand wheels on LeMonds) -- Ritchey had a few wheel issues several years ago; but that is way behind them now it seems.
Headset/wheels on this bike are fineSintesi
Nov 8, 2003 9:30 AM
I have a steel bike with a one inch steerer and Ritchey Pro wheels. Front end stiffness is not an issue that I can detect. I put in a Ritchey stem and that made all the difference in front end stiffness for me.

The Ritchey wheels are awesome. They are very comfortable and durable. I don't recall the last time I had to true them and this over about 20 thousand kilometers. I ride them part of the year as trainers switching them out with Ksyriums and I got to say when the Ritcheys go on the ride is like "Aaahh." I can't say a bad thing about them.
Just an FYIrussw19
Nov 8, 2003 11:52 AM
The house brand wheels on Lemond road bikes are the same as on Trek and Klein road bikes as well. All 3 are TCG companies and use some form of Bontrager rims at the low end or Bontrager Paired Spoke wheels at the higher ends.

Nov 8, 2003 7:58 AM
I bought a fuji Robiaux Pro. Reynolds 853 front triangle and 4130 rear end and full 105. i sold the wheels first off and deadened the color matching. But now i have to sell the frame because its to small.

Beware of the Fuji sizing. When menasuring the frame size for you measure c-c or c-t from the BB to the center or top of the TOP TUBE not the seattube.
re: SizeRusty Coggs
Nov 8, 2003 8:11 AM
Fuji measures to the top of an extended seattube.Pay attention to TT length.
At $995 this is a very good deal! Excellent if truecollectorvelo
Nov 8, 2003 8:18 AM
I have seen a Mercier Serpens on bikesdirect at close to this price; but that is the only quality Reynolds 853 bike I have ever seen with a deal that approaches this.
Hope your dealer has your size -- check the standover more than the "seat tube" length - Fuji bikes do size small -- but they come every 2 cm so it should be no problem if they have the stock.
I saw this same deal on ebay; looks good; cannt wait till marchfrozentwin
Nov 8, 2003 8:52 AM
Nothing to do here but look at the computer screen; lots of good deals on Ebay - but as a new bike this Fuji is extra nice. Too bad I am freezing here -- high today 33! I guess I got to pull out the rollers -- think a 853 rides better on rollers than my old Peugeot?
re: IS THIS THE BEST REYNOLDS 853 DEAL EVER?? I think soQuadRing
Nov 10, 2003 6:42 AM
Go for it! ( provided it fits )

I have the Mercier Serpens 853/Ultegra/Ritchey that I got for $1k and it's been great. The frames are built by the same place ( my Mercier even came in a box with a Fuji USA label on it). The Ritchey wheels have taken a couple hard hits this year and are still true......