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Head Tube Length (C-40 can you spare a moment?!)(2 posts)

Head Tube Length (C-40 can you spare a moment?!)serbski
Nov 7, 2003 10:16 AM
How does one compare head tube length of frames with integrated headsets with those with a non-integrated headset? In other words, if my 56c-c LOOK KG361 (non-integrated or whatever the proper nomenclature) has a 14cm head tube while a 56c-c KG381 (integrated) has a 16.1cm headtube do they, in reality, have the same/close stack height (proper term?) when all is said and done? My 361's headtube, measured with headset included, is 16cm so I am guessing that I've answered my own question but wanted to run this by you. Also, does head tube *angle* have any bearing at all when comparing HT/TT lengths? I ask because I am looking at getting another LOOK frame (all of which have integrated headsets save the 361) but want to make sure that I am comparing "apples to apples" (pommes avec pommes). Your advice regarding STA and TT length has clarified much but I was still a bit unsure about the head tube aspect... Thanks in advance.
head tube length....C-40
Nov 7, 2003 1:31 PM
A conventional headtube will have a headset that adds 25-30mm to the total length, while an integrated headset will only add 3-6mm to the length, depending on the exact type of headset chosen.

Campy makes an extended top cap for their integrated headset that adds height with a little better look than spacers. It should be pictured at