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questions for rollers experts(8 posts)

questions for rollers expertsDougSloan
Nov 7, 2003 10:09 AM
I gave away my Tacx rollers about a year ago when I got my Computrainer. Now, I'm thinking I might want a set again, but a better set with more resistance. The Tacx had a magnetic resistance device, but I felt it slowed the roller/wheel speed too much and made handling more difficult. Without resistance, it seemed that even spinning a 53x11 was not difficult enouigh. So, some questions for rollers people:

1. How much more resistance is there with the smaller drums like the Kreitler Dyno-Mytes than typical larger roller drums?

2. On the smaller drums, is balance more difficult, too?

3. What rollers are available that are as smooth and quiet as Kreitlers, but less expensive?

4. Any recommendations?


Lose some air pressure (70-80) IM(non-expert)HO...Spunout
Nov 7, 2003 10:35 AM
sure fire way to build resistance. Anyways, eyeball-bleeding intervals are tough on the rollers due to safety concerns.

I use the Tacx rollertracx without the resistance unit, and feel like I am just under 40km TT pace (slightly under 300 watts) in 53X12 with normal tire pressure.

Use your old tires!
skinnier drumsteoteoteo
Nov 7, 2003 10:45 AM
I have a set of cheapie cyclops with bigger drums and have the same problem with rolling out the 53-12 pretty easily.

I remember watching my old roomate riding his Kreitlers with the skinny drums and told me they were much tougher workout than the larger drum models my other roomate had....not very concrete evidence but maybe it helps.
re: questions for rollers expertsdjg
Nov 7, 2003 11:25 AM
There is considerably more resistance with the smaller drums--I have the poly-lytes (mid-size) and I like them quite a bit. You can always add their (adjustable) fan drag unit if you need to do even more work, but I've never felt the need (on the lytes, at least for me, it's an easy spin in an easy gear and real work in a big gear).

Balance is more difficult, but after a few times up you'll get used to it and just won't notice any sort of problem at all. You got the hang of rollers before--you'll get the hang of these too.

Smooth like Kreitlers but less expensive? Kreitlers. I bought the considerably cheaper "poly" version, which is only differentiated from the more expensive ones by the end-caps. Check out the prices at texas cyclesport--they often have sales and free shipping (a week or so ago they were advertising a free set of veloflex pave tires, and tubes, and free shipping, for the 289 (or whatever) retail price).
Doug, email me about Kreitlers...russw19
Nov 7, 2003 12:16 PM
What were you quoted for a price for the Kreitlers? I may be able to beat it for you if you want me to look it up. Oh, and what model and with or w/o the fan unit?

email me at russw19@coxdotnet

resistance is resistance, isn't it? Any resistance is going tobill
Nov 7, 2003 12:43 PM
slow the roller movement and make balancing more difficult. I guess that there could possibly be some small difference in whether the resistance comes after the roller (as with a resistance unit) or from the tire deflection of a smaller roller, but I am neither convinced of that nor am I convinced that your experience reflects that hypothetical difference. The resistance rollers seem harder, I'll bet, solely because your wheel is turning more slowly, with less gyroscopic effect. I bought a fan unit, and it took some getting used to, but now I roll along at 17-18 mph instead of the previous 25-30, and it's fine.
I don't think that what you think you would get with the smaller rollers, you would get, Doug.
get dyno-mites! nmdesmo
Nov 7, 2003 7:38 PM
Check out Sportcrafters rollersbw77
Nov 8, 2003 5:11 AM
I have the 3.25 inch Sportcrafters alum rollers. They are very smooth, and have a lifetime guarantee. They also have excellent information on their website about choosing rollers. And if you have questions, send them an email and the owner of the company will reply. He is an expert on the subject. The top link of their homepage does not work, so go to this link:

Price is about $100 less than Kreitler. I got mine from Branford Bike. They also make the Cycleops rollers. But I have not tried the K's, so cannot compare them.