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Leader Bike customer service problem (any others?)(17 posts)

Leader Bike customer service problem (any others?)ren-man
Nov 6, 2003 2:46 PM
I bought a Leader bike 715 with Ultegra kit about 3 months ago.
Short Story: After finding out the headtube was dented in so the integrated headset bearings would not seat, I contacted leader bikes. After two months of dealing with them, UPS finally picked up the package for inspecton, returned it to Leader and said it wasn't UPS's fault. Leader said I damaged the frame since I had it so long and offered to sell me another frame at a cheap price to replace the damaged one I received. Has any one else had problems? I understand the risk taken with online orders and the importance of LBS. But being in the military, I move constantly, can never settle into a local shop and enjoy the online pricing and self-maintenance.

Long Story: After first contacting Leader within 3 weeks of recieving the bike kit (I was on vaction for first 2 weeks). They told me to contact UPS. UPS would not let the receiver initiate the claim. So after a week of trying to contact Leader, they said they would call UPS. After 3 more weeks and me calling them regularly, they said they had called UPS and UPS will contact me. I figured nothing was happening so I called UPS again. No claim was started for my package and they let me start one this time. Bike was picked up in two days (compared to the three weeks of waiting on Leader). UPS said there was no damages to the box and I agree. I talked with Sal at Leader to try and fix the problem, he said the frame had been at my house too long and claimed I damaged the frame. He was completelty non-responsive to the fact that the only reason it was in my possession so long is because I was waiting on Leader to fix it. It would still be here if I hadn't taken action. His offer was to sell me a frame for $70. The thought of paying for a frame to replace a frame that came to me damaged is ridiculous. I contacted their local BBB, and their reply was that I had waited over a month to contact Leader and that they had contacted UPS (lies). So, I still have no resolve on the issue.
I understand that this is only one side of the story, but please beware of dealing with these people. The price is nice but I hope you don't need any help from them.

If you have any questions of suggestions on how I can remedy the situation please contact me.
I'm surprised they were real good to me.........abicirider
Nov 6, 2003 3:34 PM
Last Dec I bought a cheap $99.00 715R frame only off ebay (1" headset not intergrated) anyways they foregot to install the cable stop bosses on the downtube (they are not brazed on but bolted thru frame with a rod when i called them I believe I talked with Sal they sent me at no charge 2 sets of bosses and also threw in for free 2 rear dropout replcements and a 100mm threadless stem my frame is a 50cm.
I use the leader as on of my primary training bikes and have about 7500 miles on it with no complaints.
may want to try to contact them again try to talk with sal.
Hope it works out for you.
Be Safe Out On The Roads!!!!!
Ray Still
re: Leader Bike customer service problem - YES!collectorvelo
Nov 7, 2003 12:33 AM
I advised a friend to try one of these -- as a good deal - they are sold on EBAY -- he's experience was a nightmare. Plus the quality of the bike is just horrible. He trieed to return it after finding aglinement was unfixable and they wouldnt even offer to work out anything. there are much better safer bicycle sellers on ebay.
re: Leader Bike customer service problem - YES!ren-man
Nov 7, 2003 5:07 AM
Sorry to hear about your hassles too. Its too bad that companies are out there that don't respect thier customers. But, I guess the interent makes that a lot easier to do without repercussions.
re: Leader Bike customer service problem - YES!collectorvelo
Nov 7, 2003 5:11 AM
If you buy from big online sellers such as supergo, bikesdirect, or coloradocyclist; you will get any problem happened professionally -- and probably will not have problems to start with.
On EBAY; try to stay with sellers that have super high feedback (over 1000) and superlow negatives -- then you are more protected.
Colorado Cyclist - badFez
Nov 7, 2003 7:31 AM
I don't know how bad Leader Bikes are. Maybe the quality is on a level beneath what I expect to be normal and the customer service is far less than other online retailers.

But I completely disagree that if you buy from the big online retailers that problems are fewer and get resolved better.

Performance has a decent website, fills orders reliably, and has customer service operators who resolve problems. If you still aren't satisfied, then you get your money back. I know the operators don't have much technical knowledge, but they will resolve the problem or refund your money. Performance has its problems, but their guarantee is probably the best in the business.

OTOH, Colorado Cyclist seems to screw up orders more often than other companies. And they only will take returns within 30 days. Have a problem after that? Its YOUR problem. There is no exchange or refund. If the part has a warranty, then you have to deal with the manufacturer. And don't even bother trying to go higher up the food chain. The woman (has deep voice, but I think it is a woman) who is in charge of customer service is as nasty and worthless as they come. And anyone higher than that won't deal with you or will kick you back down to the nasty customer service lady.

Anyone who has had a problem with Col Cyclist knows about this "woman".
Colorado Cyclist - badjbean
Nov 7, 2003 12:45 PM
FEZ - maybe she was just having a bad day; you could give her a second chance. Maybe just call and ask for some information; chances are coloradocyclist has her for some good reason ---
when I buy online; I like doing it without talking to anyone; but I think if you do talk to someone that most online sellers have very nice people
Colorado Cyclist - VERY BADFez
Nov 7, 2003 3:00 PM
No, I am familiar enough with the organization and for a long enough time period to know she wasn't having a bad day. For some reason which I am not aware, she has held her position for many years.

A few others have had equally harrowing experiences with her. Most of the other rank and file reps seem to be level headed. If your problem is resolved by one of the rank and file reps, then no problem. You just have to hope it never escalates to the Cust Service Manager, because she most likely will not accomodate the situation.

Most online shopping starts anonymously. But if there is an error, then you pretty much have to talk to someone.

The only exceptions I know of are Amazon, which handles everything via email. I have never seen a phone number for them on any invoice.

The other is Dell (for computer parts and electronics, not complete computers). They effectively handle everything via email because if you try to call them for customer service you are on hold for a very long time. Its funny how the sales lines get answered really fast. They are a little more prompt on customer service for complete computers, but still not great.

God help you if you have problems with either of those companies.
You are not the 1st (nor will you be the last) w/ Leader probswardinside
Nov 7, 2003 7:26 AM
I had trouble with a frame I gor from them; and I just wanted it as a beater anyway. An rider I ran into was really upset with a peice of junk they sent him as a bike. There are some great deals on Ebay - but I would not recommend LEADER
My name is Brian and I work for the Leader Bike StoreLeaderBike
Nov 7, 2003 10:32 AM
My name is Brian and I work for the Leader Bike Store.

As the saying goes., "Some just can't stand a good thing when they see it."

Regarding ren-man. As he clearly stated here on the forum. He had the frame for over a month. He decided to report the problem a month after he had the frame. We clearly explained if UPS finds no signs of damage to the box we will not be able to replace the frame for free. He agreed and UPS did the pick up. UPS determined the box was perfect and was not damaged in transit. We inspect every item that ships out from our warehouse. We would never intentionally ship a defective item. We offered ren-man 50% off the crash replacement price and he refused by going to the BBB. We responded to the BBB and they determined ren-man was wrong.

We have a 99% positive rating on eBay out of 500 feedbacks. We have excellent reviews on our products here on RBR from honest people.

After years in business it is strange that now other people decide to post Neg comments on this forum. Some say it was their friend or whatever. It could be these are people who may work @ bike shops, other online companies, or even a competitor who just can not compete with our quality and price.

We are asking anyone who truly purchased a Leader Bike to come forward and tell the truth about our company and products.

If anyone would like to ask me any questions please use the link to my name on RBR to e-mail me.

Brian C.

P.S. We Advertise our bikes here on Road Bike Review. Check the Hot Deals Section
Nov 7, 2003 11:21 AM
Don't know if Leader considers themselves a manufacturer like Specialized, or a retailer like Supergo, or both.

I believe many manufacturers would have replaced it under warranty, given how new it was and that headtube dents are uncommon and are caused POSSIBLY by manuf defect.

I believe a retailer that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee would have taken it back.

But regardless, what would you think if Leader took the high road and just quietly offered replacement frame and made a happy customer. This guy might tell everyone how great the company is, rather than wasting his breath telling how bad his experience has been.

Just a thought...
My name is Brian and I work for the Leader Bike Storewily in pacifica
Nov 7, 2003 3:17 PM
From Brian,

"We are asking anyone who truly purchased a Leader Bike to come forward and tell the truth about our company and products."

I think that is exactly what ren-man, and a few others, did in this forum.

Willy in Pacifica
Brian, your company is on the hot seat here...russw19
Nov 7, 2003 4:41 PM
So why are you trying to deflect attention away from your poor customer service with claims calling the unhappy as "people who may work @ bike shops, other online companies, or even a competitor who just can not compete with our quality and price." It seems to me that the person who has a problem with you in this thread is a simple consumer, and is acting accordingly. Own up to the fact that you guys dropped the ball and a bad frame got thru. This has absolutely nothing to do at all with disgruntled shop employees, and everything to do with piss poor customer service from an e-tailer. There is a very valid reason that shop employees hate e-tailers like you guys... it is because of issues like this. Your company screwed up, not my bike shop... so own up to it. Don't try to deflect attention away from your issues by bringing shops into the discussion. Whenever my shop makes a mistake, and yes, it does happen, we are after all human, we fix it, and fit it right. I have never been in a local bike shop when a customer had a complaint and the shop's manager blamed Leader Bikes for their problems... don't you think it is very juvenile of you to do the same?

And by the way, how in god's name is a deformed headtube (internally) the customer or the shipping carrier's fault? That's poor machining and it's on your end. Give the guy the frame he paid his money for! Fix the problem and stop trying to blame this on some anti-Leader Bike-LBS conspiracy.

re: Leader Bike customer service problem - I Have Seen this B4bikeshopguy
Nov 7, 2003 11:43 AM
I have seen a customer come in with the similar problem as Ren-man. However, his problem was with a poorly made frame. I think that if someone is detremined to save money by buying online instead of from a shop; there are much better bikes than Leader available for equal saving.
Leader Bike is a new company - give them a liitle slackjbean
Nov 7, 2003 12:41 PM
I am not saying problems shouldnt be handled in a professional way; but Leader is new and still trying to put together an organiztion; I am sure. I have only seen one Leader bike and the price was excellent and the quality was OK -- I had to help the guy out with a little threading problem on the BB - but no big deal if you have a tap. Other than that the bike worked and road good for the price. Given enough time and investment Leader could be a well distributed bike in the USA - although they will have to get a few dealers - but that can come in time.
Maybe ren-man and Leader can get together and work this out - seems simple enough
re: Leader Bike customer service problem (any others?)biketillyapuke
Nov 7, 2003 2:31 PM
I once asked leaderbike if they would give me a discount on their top of the line bike, you know, do business outside of ebay and in the off season. I posted my problem here before. I got the snotiest e-mail back you can imagine. After that there was no way I would buy from them.
BTW you should rate your frame and experience in the feedback forum so they don't too high a rating on their frames.
THE DEVIL!frozentwin
Nov 8, 2003 10:23 AM
The Devil must always be guarded against
BRAIN from Leader - The Devil is making customers dislike your poorly made and supported frames! He must be banished; I suggest you hold a cross in front of your computer screen; if that does work - try some garlic
LEADER FRAME BUYERS -- Idle hands are the Devils workshop -- it is winter and you have nothing to do except sit inside and take drugs --- BEWARE!! get busy, buy a full campy tool kit and work on that frame till its prefect -- avoid temptation! if you finish buy another frame for a friend and fix it too