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Lance's TDF Tires(20 posts)

Lance's TDF TiresZman
Nov 5, 2003 7:44 AM
Does anyone know which tires Lance used for the mountain stages of the TDF this year? I thought he was under contract to use Postal Edition Hutchinsons but he clearly did not.

Any idea's,

Hutchinson tubulars?. nmSpunout
Nov 5, 2003 7:57 AM
Nov 5, 2003 8:37 AM
There was a blurb on this in one of the velonews online tech segments of the Tour. He said that mostly everyone was using tubs, even the posties. However, Hutchinson doesn't make a tub and they looked like relabeled vittorias.

I don't have time to find where exactly i got it but its in there somewhere.
or maybe Veloflexs/Gommitalias? (nm)torquer
Nov 5, 2003 9:19 AM
Hutchinson tubularshudsonite
Nov 5, 2003 9:41 AM
I too have heard that Hutchinson do not make tubular tires. However, shows Hutchinson tubulars for sale.

So go figure.
re: Saw 'em up closeteoteoteo
Nov 5, 2003 10:19 AM
I saw several of his rigs up close and they appeared ro me to be Vittoria's. I could be wrong. Maybe the pic below will help. It is the front wheel of one of his bikes. Pic was taken of carbon rim but tire reads made in Italy
don't think Vittoria's are made in Italy any more nmDougSloan
Nov 5, 2003 10:27 AM
Veloflex by that herringbone, maybe re-badged?? nmSpunout
Nov 5, 2003 10:31 AM
I'd say Veloflex, yes nmDougSloan
Nov 5, 2003 10:32 AM
Nov 5, 2003 7:24 PM
I would agree on Velofex, tread pattern looks very similar
to their website.
Nope. Taiwan.Elefantino
Nov 6, 2003 12:55 PM
Hutchinson Carbon Compsboneman
Nov 6, 2003 4:48 AM
Hutchinson sells tubulars. They may have outsourced production but they've been selling them as long as I can remember and continue to do so. Availability in the States may not be good but they're easily found in Europe.
Definitly ITALIAN ...El Guapo
Nov 5, 2003 8:34 PM
In the current CycleSport there is an ad for Bontrager wheels. The big picture in the ad is of Lance banking into a turn on a mountain pass. It is VERY obvious that the tires he uses have a TAN sidewall and a small ITALIAN flag on the label. Seeing as Hutchinson is FRENCH and Vitoria is ITALIAN, I'd say the possibility is very strong that the tires are NOT Hutchinson at the least.
Here are the tan sidewalls and Italian flagteoteoteo
Nov 6, 2003 7:54 AM
This picture is from the same sequence as the pic above--at the finish of the stage into Loudenvielle. If you look very closely at front tire you can see Italian flag. This could provide a little more info for you guys as the pic above was just some wheels on the car but Lance actually used this Madone
those look just like my Veloflex nmDougSloan
Nov 6, 2003 8:09 AM
The smoking gun--extreme close upteoteoteo
Nov 6, 2003 8:11 AM
Looking at Veloflex site and these pics I'd have to concur....
hmm; could be GommitaliaDougSloan
Nov 6, 2003 8:25 AM

Just doen't quite match the Veloflex, but then not exactly the Gommitalia, either
It doesn't matter what brand they are....Alexx
Nov 6, 2003 5:58 PM
The fact is, nearly all the big TdF teams use CUSTOM-MADE TIRES. Most of these tires are made by Veloflex, although they are badged for whatever company they are producing them for. These tires are NOT available for sale to the general public. (The tires they have about as much in common with what you can buy at the LBS as a NASCAR racer has in common with the street car it resembles).

Oh, BTW, Hutchison DOES make at least 2 levels of tubulars (although I've always found them to be junk....)
It doesn't matter what brand they are....powergyoza
Nov 6, 2003 11:55 PM
I'd imagine any tire made in Italy would be coming out of the Veloflex factory. Are they the only one's left in Italy?

Gommitalia, Clement, Veloflex.... all from the same factory???
Gommitalia and Clement.....Alexx
Nov 8, 2003 7:03 AM
Both are made in Thailand, as is Vittoria, conti Giros, etc.