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Full Coverage Fenders w/o eyelits-need help(5 posts)

Full Coverage Fenders w/o eyelits-need helpGFocker
Nov 5, 2003 7:27 AM
I would like to put full coverage fenders on my road bike. However, my bike does not have eyelits on the fork or rear dropout. Has anyone "rigged" something up that worked well and was stable? Thanks for your suggestions.
Possible, BUT...Andy M-S
Nov 5, 2003 8:02 AM
I did this last winter, but it didn't work well...most bikes without eyelets aren't going to have very much clearance at the brake bridge and/or fork crown. I managed to get some fenders attached to my road bike with P-clips last year, and it worked OK, but I had to run very narrow (<23) tires to make it work.
re: Full Coverage Fenders w/o eyelits-need helphans
Nov 5, 2003 8:52 AM
What I have done (on 3 different bikes) is to put some tape (to protect paint) around the seatstays by the dropout and on the fork, and then used either clamps designed for electrial wire (small, cheap, available at hardware store) or tie wraps. This has worked very well.

To gain clearance at the brake bridge, I throw away the fender mount thing (that normally attaches with the rear brake) and instead drill 4 small holes in the fender. Then I run tie wraps through these holes and around the brake bridge.

I run 23c tires.

If you have trouble getting clearance at the fork, you could try using a 20c tire, or as a worst case just buy a cheap fork from somewhere to use in winter.

By the way, Mountain Equipment Co-op in Canada sells Planet Bike road fenders for $20 Can for the set. I think you can get them online htttp://

Good luck.
potential nightmaregtx
Nov 5, 2003 9:26 AM
Of course it depends on the particulars of your frame or fork, but chance are you're going to have to pull an un-elegant MacGyver to make it work. I gave up on my Merckx. Instead, I just bought the new SKS Race Blades. Haven't installed them. They aren't full coverage, but they look like they should work fairly well.
Saw a clever way to beat the clearance issue...Cory
Nov 6, 2003 8:59 AM
I posted this a month or so ago in response to somebody else's question, but if you missed it, I saw a cool way to get around the clearance problem. Sorry I don't have a pic--my camera has stopped talking to my computer for some reason--but the guy had a typical modern bike, with no clearance for fenders. He cut the fenders in two where they go through the fork and under the brake, drilled two small holes in each cut end and zip tied them to the fork blades to hold the front of the rear section and the rear of the front section. He shortened the standard mounting hardware and used those vinyl coated C-shaped clamps (forget what they're called, but Home Depot usually has 'em if your bike shop doesn't) to attach it to the fork blades, which were protected with a wrap of tape. Looked better than it sounds, and the guy said it works great.