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Any Tall Skinny Guys Who Wear Bibs?(17 posts)

Any Tall Skinny Guys Who Wear Bibs?Mr Nick
Nov 4, 2003 6:09 PM
I am 6'2" with a 32" waist and weigh 165lbs. The sizing charts available for bibs put me in a large for height, but a medium for waist and weight. The sales lady at Velowear said I would swim in their large, but she wasn't sure if the medium bibs would fit my torso because she didn't have strap measurements. Are there any other tall skinny guys out there who have found bibs that fit?
re: Any Tall Skinny Guys Who Wear Bibs?terry b
Nov 4, 2003 6:28 PM
Well, I'm 5'11 and I weigh 155. My take - bib sizing is weird.

A sample:

Assos - I need an XL because they're not real long in the body. The XL is not bad in the body.

Pearl - I wear an L, the XL was big enough for two of me. The butt is baggy when standing, but fits well when riding. Could possibly go with an M. Must be targeting Big American Butts.

Santini - XL, same reason as Assos. XL fits well.

Castelli - L, fit firmly and the body length is good.

I've found it to be a crap shoot. You may too.
re: shorter, skinniercollinsc
Nov 4, 2003 6:31 PM
5'10" - 140 lbs and my 29" waist pants are pretty loose.

I have medium Castellis and Volers.
Get the large.2melow
Nov 4, 2003 6:53 PM
I'm 6'2.5" 155 pounds and wear large Voler bibs. I'm built like a toothpick and the large size works well for me.

Now my favorite bibs (although a bit more $$$) are the Biemme, size 4. I got some of the old Navigator stuff (Biemme)and can might be able to get you a hookup if they have any of the '03 team stuff left and you don't mind looking like a team rider.

Check out Biemme - they are the most comfortable of all the bibs I own (Castelli, verge, Voler, Pearl Izumi, Santini).
6-5, 175Elefantino
Nov 4, 2003 7:43 PM
with a 36-inch waist and I wear Voler or Performance large. Volers fit better, actually, because their straps are smaller. Both are very inexpensive but for me better than some more expensive (Castelli, PI) brands. I'd heard great things about the latter but they just didn't work out.

To each is own, though. The good thing about Voler is that you don't pay return shipping if you get the wrong size.

It's a crap shootterry b
Nov 4, 2003 8:17 PM
5'11, 155

In Assos I need an XL for the body length. Ditto Santini. Both fit well though. The L fits nicely in the body but gives me an atomic wedgie.

In Pearl, I wear an L, the butt is baggy when standing but they fit nicely in riding position. Pearl's XL is big enough for 2 of me.

In Castelli, I wear an L. They fit fine in both directions.
re: Any Tall Skinny Guys Who Wear Bibs?R600DuraAce
Nov 4, 2003 9:18 PM
I, too, have some issue with my bibs. I got large quads and small, short toros. I ended up buying a large one. Machine dried it and it shinked a bit. The straps are still loose though. I am 5'9" 29" waist. 132 lb (just gained some weight at the beginning of the off season). 21" quads. :-)
re: Any Tall Skinny Guys Who Wear Bibs?Pjkad
Nov 5, 2003 3:52 AM
Boure. I'm 6'6" and they fit like a charm. All their stuff is high quality.
Custom BoureStewartK
Nov 6, 2003 1:10 PM
For $25, Boure will customize your bibs to fit you. That's what I did - 6'4" 185lbs.
6 feet, 160 and I wear large Santini no problems.Spunout
Nov 5, 2003 4:43 AM
Go for a large European short. I find NA sizing shorter and fatter.
re: Any Tall Skinny Guys Who Wear Bibs?HouseMoney
Nov 5, 2003 6:21 AM
I'm 6' with a 32" waist and weigh betw/ 165-170 lbs. I wear an XLG Assos bib (probably could've made do with just an XL for a slightly snugger fit) and recently purchased a Biemme bib in L. I like the fit of each to the point where it doesn't matter which one I grab b4 a ride.
6'2", 175#, 34" waistMel Erickson
Nov 5, 2003 7:19 AM
Voler large bibs are not too tight for me but they are snug. I would think they would fit you just fine. I wear nothing but bibs and my latest favorite is the Performance Ultra Bib short. They've got them on sale now for $50, two for $90. They do run a little larger than Volers so they might not fit you as well in a large.
you aren't that tall--go for the bibs (nm)ColnagoFE
Nov 5, 2003 8:27 AM
Thanks, but the question was "what size?" (nm)Mr Nick
Nov 5, 2003 10:33 AM
5' 10"/145lbs. Here's what I've done...serbski
Nov 5, 2003 9:31 AM
I generally go for the Euro-sizing, i.e. their "3" which is a smallish Medium and fits perfectly (29-30" waist). However, with some brands such as Giordana the bib straps are just a bit on the short side so I bought some spandex at the local fabric shop and now just take the bibs to my local tailor and have them add a bit of length to said straps. I've gone the way of the "next size up" to get more strap comfort but do not like the baginess in the seat/crotch area and the smaller bibs/lycra does eventually begin to "give" a little as well. I would suggest the modified sized Mediums. I actually read an article in a TdF preview mag. about how Pearl Izumi outfits the Fassa team and *every* piece is custom made (and each rider receives *275* pieces of kit in total!). This made me realize that these guys who spend long, long days in the saddle don't just depend in off-the-rack sizing and, hey, neither should we!!! Also, I think somebody mentioned "Biore", at least I think that is the company, who will make bibs to fit your body measurements and they cost around $100+ I believe (which is quite reasonable). Good luck.
6"3" 170-175lbsDaveG
Nov 5, 2003 5:56 PM
I seem to get a good fit with Large in domestic sizing (Performance, Voler) and XL (5) in euro sizing (Santini, Nalini, Giordana). However, I'm not quite as thin as you (34" waist). I'd try the mediums first and see how that works. Velowear has a good return policy so there is little worry.
6'1", 33" waistScotttheroadie
Nov 6, 2003 6:52 AM
My current bib short line up, Louis Garneau medium, Castelli MOLE Large, Briko Medium. The Louis are kinda short on the suspenders but the shorts fit very well and the suspenders stretch. The Castelli's fit perfectly. The Briko's also fit well but are not as high quality.