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Fizik Pave' saddle questions.(4 posts)

Fizik Pave' saddle questions.TNRyder
Nov 4, 2003 5:14 PM
Any experience here with the Fizik Pave' saddle? While hanging out at the local shop I found one of these that they had pulled off of a C'dale recently. It seemed to be light enough, and the color (silver and charcoal) will go well with the white frame, but I was wondering if anyone had ridden it. I prefer a flatter saddle, and am riding Bontrager FS+10 on my Mountainbikes. The saddle I am replacing is a Serfas Torrent. My other choices without going mail order are:

Serfas DD Pro, A bit of a pig, but popular and mostly flat.

Serfas Aria, Lightweight, but hard. Nice flat saddle though.

Serfas Arroyo, similar to the DD Pro with a small groove for my tender bits.

Specialized Body Geometry, Not a bad Saddle but a bit wide in the back for my sit bones.

This is the one part of the bike where I am not going to worry too much about cost as it is VERY important.
I ride 'm, I love 'emterry b
Nov 4, 2003 5:27 PM
My favorite saddle by far and away. Tried many, slowly replacing everything with Pave. Like the Aliante too, but Paves can be had for a song (eBay.)
re: Fizik Pave' saddle questions.mapei boy
Nov 4, 2003 5:39 PM
As opposed to Terry B, I hated the Pave. To me, it was like taking my urologist along for the ride. If you want a flatter saddle, try the Vitesse - Fizik's ladies' saddle. It's done me fine.
re: Fizik Pave' saddle questions.innergel
Nov 5, 2003 8:17 AM
I did not like it. I switched from a Terry Fly and just could never get used to it. I felt a lot of pressure up front and tried several saddle positions and tilts with no luck. I switched to a Selle Flite Genuine Gel and now all is well.

Of course, saddles are very personal, so it may fit you better than it did me. Esp. if you want something a bit narrower.


PS - I've still got the Pave'. Black, ti rails with the twin tech gel. I'll give you a really good deal, if you are interested. jason_mooreatfastmaildotfm