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new to racing(2 posts)

new to racingcollegiateryder
Nov 4, 2003 4:48 PM
hey all,
i already posted this in the racing forum but no one responded i assume because its relatively low traffic compared to this forum.
im going to be racing in category C collegiate races this spring and i was just wondering if anyone who raced or is currently racing in the collegiate ranks remembers what it was like in the C group. im basically wondering what the skill level is like, what the pace generally is, if tactics are used at all or if its just balls out, etc...anything you can remember really.

all replies appreciated
re: new to racingyeah right
Nov 4, 2003 5:53 PM
I raced c and some b this year. where you race really matters, and you didn't include what school/conference you're in. For instance i was a good but not outstanding c in the wccc (west coast collegiate cycling - cal-nevada) whereas a friend who is just a little bit faster raced a's in northwest.

anyway, collegiate racing is a lot of fun, and pretty low key compaired to a lot of USCF races. trying to describe pace is impossible, it's generally as hard as the people riding can make it. flat four-corner crit, maybe 23-25 mph give or take, that's about the best compairable example i can think of. Just like cat 4/5, there are some crappy-handling riders. Tactics are pretty minimal. If someone is ahead of you, people usually chase them down, even if it's your own teammate. Lots of races finish in sprints (my experience at least), and generally aren't that long (rr=45-55miles). If your team uses good tactics, it can be to your major advantage. c's like cat 5 is a mixture of strong riders who are starting out / need to move up, and then a lot of riders who aren't as hardcore. The same five guys will win all the races.

good luck, it's a lot of fun.