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Funky Frankenbikes(14 posts)

Funky FrankenbikesLC
Nov 4, 2003 1:06 PM
I would be interested to know what non-standard things people have done to their bikes.

Mine would be an old Raleigh I turned into a sudo-cross bike for fire roads and rail trails. The old steel frame is able to flex over big bumps has tons of tire clearence. Nothing on the bike is standard, which is maybe why I like it so much.

700x38 cross tire on front
700x35 cross tire on rear

super-super long reach dia-compe double pivot brakes

110 BCD crank with 36/46 chainrings

12-28 cassette 7 cogs of a 8-speed (11T was removed) on a 7 speed silent clutch hub so I don't scare the wildlife

8 speed Ultegra STI shifters, started off with down tube shifters but had hard time doing it off road.

7403 Dura Ace front deraileur

Ultegra 600 rear deraileur which does just fine with only a 10 tooth difference on the crankset.
I have two that may qualify...biknben
Nov 4, 2003 1:28 PM
(1) I took an old CAAD3 MTB frame and made a SS out of it. I didn't use a chain tensioner and just went with whatever gear size would fit best (its got vert. dropouts). It only has a rear brake. I bought a $50 wheelset and $20 chrome rigid fork off ebay. Oh yeah, plastic platform pedals.

I ride it around the neighborhood occasionally.

(2) My commuter Cross-Check beast. Cross frame with 32c road tires and full fenders. Fixed gear/SS drivetrain. V-brakes with road brake levers. Time ATAC pedals. Currently has a NR HID headlight and two blinkies on the back. TireFlys and reflective tape on wheels.

I don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed to ride it. :-)
I like FrankenbikesDave Hickey
Nov 4, 2003 1:33 PM
Expecially the ones with a mish-mash of parts that aren't supposed to work together. I think we take ourselves and the manufacturers too seriously. They're just bicycles...

My latest project is a rail trails/ winter bike.

Frame- Van Dressel Straightup7
Fork- Cyclocross 700c 1 1/8
Wheels- Haven't decided on rims but I'm using Kogswell hubs. I want to use 32c tires
Brakes- Canti- front and super long reach BMX in the rear
Bars- probably flat bars- still undecided.
Crankset- Dura Ace 7410 with a 39T chainring

Hubs came yesterday and the frame is due tomorrow. I'll post pics when I finish
Trixie the Fixie is such a beast....Gregory Taylor
Nov 4, 2003 1:48 PM
Frameset: I dunno. Pulled it out of the trash. The stickers said "Sam Benoto Cazanave". It looks like something pumped out of French Bike Factory No. 5, but with "standard" sized bottom bracket and headset. It's at least thirty years old. Classic lugs, painted a beautiful, custom Rustoleum Grass Green.

Crank: Sugino 110m bolt circle, liberated from another trash bike. Currently running 50X16.

Wheels: Suzue hubs, laced to some cheap rims that I liberated from yet another bike picked out of the trash.

Brakes: Shimano single pivot, long reach. These beauties were plucked from the abortive "Freaky Nishiki" project bike that, yes, was also picked from the trash. Old School Diacompe levers.

Stem and Bar: Generic aluminum taken off a new Raleigh road bike. Polished it up with my buffing wheel. Sweeeet.

Brooks Team Pro saddle.

This is the bike that I ride the most. It's my default commuter bike, and I've recently done a couple of centuries on it. It was the tool of choice for the flat-as-a-board Sea Gull Century (the bigger gearing worked great).
Ladies & Gentlemen, we have a winner!...nmbicyclerepairman
Nov 4, 2003 4:53 PM
Winter/rain bikeLC
Oct 30, 2003 4:25 AM
Cadex frame with the CF tubes glued into aluminum lugs which is light, gives a nice ride, and won't rust.

Tire clearence is very minimal so I had to cut the rear fender in half at the brake and drill little holes in the fender to zip tie it to the frame. Used a single pivot rear brake which could support the bottom half of the fender with the nut that sticks out and then wire tied to the brake.

Drilled and taped a hole into the center of each rear dropout to mount the supports for the fender. Used clamps for the front fender supports on a CF fork.

Trying to shift STI levers with heavy gloves on is difficult so I took off the STI levers and put on 9 speed indexed Dura Ace down tube shifters. I was amazed at how easy it was to shift since the last time I tried down tube shifters they were friction type.

50/38 chainrings along with 13-27 cogs to make sure I spin all the time.
Frankenbiking is the truest form of cycling art...The Walrus
Nov 4, 2003 2:51 PM
...the last thing I threw together centered around a 2000 VooDoo Wazoo frame/fork that had proved too small for 'cross but worked beautifully for a fun bike, with an old LX crank, 46/36 rings, LX f/XT r derailleurs, LX V-brakes and levers, old 105 hubs on CXP11 rims (11-30 cassette), a Scott AT-2 bar and the almighty Suntour XC thumbies. It's a hellacious amount of fun.
re: Funky Frankenbikesgeckotb
Nov 4, 2003 2:56 PM
my latest: i took my old rocky mountain mtb, kept the 26" wheels, added 1.3" hutchison cross comps, changed the stem from a 110cm riser to a zero-rise 105cm ITM cheapie and bought inexpensive ergo road bars. i changed to a longer bottom bracket to accomodate some old sugino vt touring cranks with the little ring removed, leaving me with 48/38 rings. i kept the LX derailleurs. for shifting, i mounted the thumb-shifters on the new road bar. road bars are normally too thick to accept thumb-shifter clamps, so to do this, i used a hacksaw to split the mounting clamp at the back, filed off the burrs, then simply clamped the shifters on the road bar. the shifter clamp is not really a load-bearing piece (other than the pressure from your fingers pushing the levers) so it's plenty strong enough. i keep meaning to take some pics and post an article about this when i get some spare time; it would have been nice to have more details about what works and what doesn't when doing this kind of conversion.
this was a super fun project because i was able to mostly use stuff that was lying around the house and i took my time over the summer to get it right. i never liked it much as a mtb, but now it's crazy-fun to ride, very well-balanced and responsive. for dry days, i bought some spare wheels and have a set of tioga 26 x 1" slicks.
Pacific Elite aluminumJervis
Nov 4, 2003 3:33 PM
All my bikes are "custom" fitted, but the one I'm probably most proud of is the Pacific alum. frame
Old Trek Ridgid mtb fork
Ritchey Force Lite stem
Bontrager Racelite flat bar (easier to control)
Stock wheels with Bontrager Revolt SS tires and a 16t bmx
freewheel and a 34t Alivio crank with little two rings
ground off and, yes, plastic platforms.
One speed, one brake. Smoothest bike I own, even over the Trek and the Cannondale (geared). It's the lightest too at 21 pounds.
Italvega one speed with Bendix coaster brake nmgtx
Nov 4, 2003 3:41 PM
some of these Frankenbikes worthy of photosDaveG
Nov 4, 2003 4:54 PM
Let's see some pictures of these beasts!
My Peugeot conversionOverStuffed
Nov 4, 2003 5:40 PM
The frame is an old black steel frame with touch-ups of at least three different colors, 42x16 fixed gear, Dura-Ace cog, SG chainring, Sram single-speed chain, Shimano sealed cartridge bottom bracket, 105 right crank, 600 blue-anodized left crank, Suzue Basic rear hub, Sovos front hub, Weinmann rims, Time ATAC Alium pedals, Selle Italia Gel XO saddle, Raleigh steel fork (after a crash took out the original Peugeot fork), the front brake calipers don't match, but I think one of them is a Weinmann, Shimano 600 brake levers (the left one is locked out with a bolt inserted behind the pivot), and yellow bar tape.
Huge Raleigh OlympianContinental
Nov 4, 2003 7:34 PM
An old 70 cm c-t Raleigh frame, new cartridge bottom bracket, triple 24-34-44 crankset from a hybrid. 7 speed 11-28 rear cassette, friction barcons. 36 spoke 3x 700C wheels, Ritchey Tom slick tires, platform/spd two sided pedals, with fenders, lights, handlebar bag and of course a kickstand. By far my favorite bike. Well, I like my 71 Schwinn Sports Tourer quite a bit too. And I wouldn't want to giveup my modern, light, STI equipped Fuji.
It's Alivechar
Nov 4, 2003 7:53 PM
Green road bike from early 80s, came with Shimano 600 components, long reach brakes. Bought it used in '91 as a commuter (50 bucks was my final offer), nothing is original, parts wore out and have been updated or downgraded.

Frame: added canti bosses so it would be easier to remove larger size tires. You need electrodes for the monster.

Shifters: old style Suntour PowerRatchet barends.

Brake levers: Shimano RSX, hoods wore out, couldn't find replacements and they still work so I used bar tape (black)

FD: 105 triple (new)
RD: 105 triple (used)

Crank: Suntour triple 110/74 46/36/26

Wheels: Specialized hubs, DT Spokes, Mavic G4 front, MA 40 rear 36 hole, built in-house over a rainy weekend.

Freewheel: 7-speed Suntour, various ratios, trying to equalize the wear on the cogs. 13-19 to 12-28.

Bar and stem: Modolo, picked up at sale table at bike shop.

Seatpost binder bolt: Campy

Headset: Ritchey