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Yet Another Geometry/Size Query for Mr.C-40...(2 posts)

Yet Another Geometry/Size Query for Mr.C-40...serbski
Nov 4, 2003 10:17 AM
I've seen you help people who are buying new bikes should they have questions/concerns about different dimensions/geometry on their potential new ride. Here's my story:
Currently ride a LOOK KG361
C-C 56cm
TT 55.9cm
HT 14cm
STA 72.5
HTA 73
Saddle 18.5cm above TT (give or take a few mm's)
120mm 3T stem (minimal rise but unsure of exact number)
I do have almost 3cm spacers but have gone with 2cm without any problems.
I am debating a LOOK KG386
C-C 53cm (C-T 56)
TT 54.8
STA 72.5
HTA 72

I have a cycling inseam of 86cm (height 175cm) and my primary concern here would be as to whether I would have a pretty severe drop from saddle to bars. Unless I am mistaken my reach and saddle position fore/aft could be replicated on the KG386 but would I be courting trouble with a vertically too short bike? The next size up is a "55" which has a 56.9 TT and a C-T measurement of 58 (which is the same as my KG361) but would I then be looking at too much TT? I appreciate any sage advice from the acknowledged master of all things geometry and fit related.
get the larger size...C-40
Nov 4, 2003 4:26 PM
You need more head tube length to reduce steering tube spacers. The larger frame would still require at least a 110mm stem. I'd use more stem rise to eliminate most or all of the spacers. Using an 82 or 84 degree stem, flipped to 98 or 96 degrees would probably be a good idea. Flipping the stem will probably require a 120mm length.