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Solvang, Lotterypick???(3 posts)

Solvang, Lotterypick???No_sprint
Nov 4, 2003 7:57 AM
Hey there Lotterypick, how'd it turn out at Solvang?

Man, that was one cold, foggy start. I'm glad I had leg warmers, shoe covers, underarmour, jersey, long sleeve jersey. I ended up doing the 50 minus a couple miles. started at 7:45am, back at 10:45am with a support stop and changing two ladies' tires. They didn't much about what was going on. Long story. Ride time a little less than 2 hrs. I didn't hang out. Perhaps we'll meet next time. I always like the ride so I might do March.
Nov 4, 2003 9:14 AM
I met your friend Rod. Nice guy and said that you're the reason he's on the team. SOmething about him seeing your sprint and knowing he could win a lot? Something like that.

I looked for you but we got back from riding about 11:30.

My wife made it fine and even rode her 10 miler the next day for fun. She cut 15 minutes off her old times.

The things a new bike will do for you. Her old one was a hybrid and I got her a Giant OCR1.

I'm thinking of getting her the FLightdeck so she can tell where she is on the gears. SHe has no idea and it would be a comfort to her.

UCLA sucks. Just a few games and man we could have been in the drivers seat to crush you PAC-10 hopes and NC dreams (what kind of dreams I won't say).

Love you man. Hope things are good with you. She's so stoked she signed us up for the LA marathon ride. Maybe you'll be there.
Nov 4, 2003 9:33 AM
Well, the SC v. UCLA game has never been about the stronger team. It's always upsetville and anyone's game. We'll see what happens.

I usually do the marathon ride too. Let me know your plans. I can help with some details.

I plan on doing the Solvang century in March. You?

Heehee, yes, I plan on having a good 2004.