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If SLK is minimalistic then it is not for me, so it seems...(8 posts)

If SLK is minimalistic then it is not for me, so it seems...Mr Nick
Nov 3, 2003 8:46 PM
the Terry would be a better choice. But there are three at Performance and there is little detail about how they differ. They all have a leather cover and titanium rails. The zero has a carbon/nylon shell. Does anyone have any experience with these three? If you do could you please recommend one? By the way I am looking for a flat saddle with no perineal pressure that I can do my first century on. Thanks
re: buy all threecollinsc
Nov 3, 2003 8:56 PM
return the two that dont work.

Or, if you ride them for any significant amount of time, ebay them.

I'm sorry, I'm just giving you a hard time because I can't offer any advice. I find my new SLR wonderfully comfortable and that does you no good.
Wish I could try a bunch...Mr Nick
Nov 3, 2003 9:12 PM
But I don't want to pay all the shipping. SLR was also a saddle that's shape and style interested me, but I can't imagine that a saddle with such little padding would be good for long rides. Maybe I am wrong. That is the problem with having little exeperience on different types of saddles and little money to test them out.
Try the SLR TransAmSmiker
Nov 4, 2003 2:17 AM
I've been using one for about 4 months. It's light (185gm) and I find it very comfortable, especially if you're wearing good knicks. I even moved mine from my roadie to my MTB for a recent 24hr race. No problems at all. Unless you're a very large build, I (5'11", 170lbs) recommend the SLR Trans Am

Shape is everythingramboorider
Nov 4, 2003 2:41 AM
A saddle that's shaped right for your butt won't need much padding to be comfortable. If it isn't shaped right, all of the padding in the world won't help. Unfortunately, there's no easy way out of this one - we've all been through it and tried a bunch of saddles before finding the one or ones that work for us. If you can't handle shipping, is there a Performance store near you? They'd do returns as well.

Good luck,

The one with flames would clearly make you faster (nm)LC
Nov 3, 2003 9:52 PM
Dragonfly Tiorange_julius
Nov 4, 2003 3:48 AM
I have a Dragonfly Ti and I've been very happy with it.
Not the lightest seat out there, but I'd rather keep
my butt happy. The rails are average length, if that
matters to you. Prior to this I was using a Specialized
BG saddle.
Quit messing aroundT-Doc
Nov 4, 2003 5:15 AM
and just get the Fizik will not be sorry.