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Same old scam.....(1 post)

Same old scam.....High Gear
Nov 3, 2003 7:23 PM
What the hell! Do you think Americans are that stupid to fall for such a scam? Let me live in Nigeria and want me to send the item and the extra money THAT you will send in the forme of a phony money transfer? Why don't you make better use of your time and help the poor starving people of your own country. May god have pitty on your satanic thieving soul.

Have a nice day
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From: destiny david
To: Gary & Holly
Sent: Monday, November 03, 2003 9:32 PM
Subject: Re: PURCHASE ENQUIRY........Campagnolo Racing T 9


Thanks for the mail and I will really love to get the item from you, So please i want you to remove that Item from further advert placement in the net. The price $80is very much okay by me for the item and as regards shipping of the item, i have a shipping agent who normally takes care of all my shipping consignments, so do not worry yourself about that, i will take care of that myself.

Yes it is My creditor in the U.S is actually going to be responsible for the payment for the item, and i have told him about this transaction and he told me that he will be sending the payment to you, he said the money i loaned to him has incured some interests and he will be sending my money to you with the commission, meaning you will be expecting a payment that is a little bit higher than the cost of the car. Please after the cost of the item, can i trust you to refund my balance funds back to my shipping agent who will be coming for the pick up of the item? do let me know this, cos its very important.

Please if this arrangement is okay by you, kindly send to me your full Name and Address so that the payment can be made to you next week. Also include your phone number so that i can give you a call to discuss in details. Also remember to include a pics of the Item in your next mail, and do keep the title document and every other relevant papers of the item set and intact for the shipping agent who is coming for the pick up of the item. Have a nice day and thanks once again for your response to my mail.

best regards,